A MAN who heard ghostly bumps and bangs in the night thought his house was haunted – until he discovered the culprit was a rogue ferret.

Glyn Williams, who owns a bungalow in Pentwynmawr where his 70-year-old brother Haydn lives, said his sibling had reported spooky scratching and banging noises in the middle of the night, coming from the attic space.

Mr Williams, 68, said: “Haydn complained for several months that he could hear noises.

“I thought it was bats, but the noise got worse.

“Haydn would get up at around 3am and bang on the ceiling to frighten it away.

“It must have been frightening to hear, he said it was spooky. When you hear those noises in the night your mind thinks all sorts of things.”

Mr Williams set up a squirrel trap in the attic space springloaded with chicken - and captured a small black ferret.

Now Mr Williams is appealing for the owners to come forward and collect it.

“I’ve made a small cage for it but if someone doesn’t claim it I’ll ring the RSPCA,”

said Mr Williams, who lives in Cross Keys.

“It’s very tame and has been here for three to four months.

“I’ve been feeding him and he’s a very friendly attractive ferret.”

Haydn, a retired crane driver, said no one believed him when he told them there was something in the attic.

“We’d just had the roof insulated so the ferret must have been burying itself in the insulation,” he said.

“We used to keep ferrets when we were younger and this one is very tame. It must belong to someone around here.”

If you recognise the ferret or know anyone who has lost one, call Glyn Williams on 07787 101001.