WORLD light-heavyweight boxing champion Nathan Cleverly has described himself as a better role model than the stars of The Valleys.

The reality TV show first aired on MTV on Tuesday and has cause uproar in Welsh communities.

Cleverly from Cefn Fforest didn’t watch the programme but read about it on his Twitter and Facebook page.

He said: "They were all slating it so it obviously didn’t go down too well.

"I’d like to think I’m a positive role model for the valleys. At the end of the day it’s just reality TV."

The 25-year-old is a Welsh professional boxer and current WBO light heavyweight world champion.

He graduated from Cardiff University in 2010 with a BSC in Mathematics.

He added: "I grew up in the heart of the valleys and succeeded in my studies and in boxing through hard work.

"I hope I represent the valleys in a real positive way."

The six-week show features 19-year-old student Aron Williams, from Tredegar, and Natalee Harris, a 23-year-old call centre supervisor from Pontypool.

A campaign group called The Valleys are Here has been set up to promote a more positive image of the area.

The group is calling on MTV to donate 5% of the profits from The Valleys to the charity Valleys Kids and have started a petition.

The Valleys are Here member, Anthony Hunt, said: "As someone who has moved into the valleys, I know that people here are friendly, welcoming, resourceful and community-minded. Maybe MTV could reflect that, rather than just stereotyping a whole area negatively."