JOSE Morgan, of Pontypool recognised last week’s picture of Osborne Road, Pontypool.

She writes: “The Conservative Club is still there and then Mike the Butcher.

“Further along there was a store, Family Visions, selling electrical goods and also a café owned by Mr Bragazzi, as well as a fruit and veg shop owned by Mr Wallace.

“Mr Ford was the owner of a corn shop and Peggy Pooley was the manageress.

“Morris Williams sold bicycles and there was Wildings, a tailor shop. British Traders store was lower down the street and, above, Mr Herbert Roden, a ladies’ hairdresser.

“County Furniture Shop was to the right of the picture and then a bank, above which was Mr Aliffe, a dentist.

“Further down the road Mr Bryant was the watchmaker and then there was the Royal cinema and a chapel called St David’s, which has now been turned into flats.”

Herbert Williams, of New Inn, also recognised Osborne Road, Pontypool. “The first building on the left is the Conservative club and the large building on the right was the new Royal cinema, now long gone.

“There have been quite a number of businesses on the left over the years, there was Bragazzi café, Saunders’ cycle shop, Williams Bros’ cycle shop later turned into a music shop selling musical instruments, Master’s gents outfitters, the Post Office at the bottom of the street, which is now located about three or four doors up.

“From the bottom on the righthand side was County Furnishers, a gents’ hairdresser, Wyman opticians and I can also remember a small fire station and a gents toilet.

“There have been many alterations there now with buildings knocked down and a road constructed linking George Street to Osborne Road.

“At the bottom of the Then photo was an S bend that took you into the George Street area, which is now pedestrianised.

“Osborne Road was the main roadway to Pontnewynydd before the two by-passes were built, avoiding the main town.”