NEWPORT Centre’s swimming pool is due to reopen for public swimming tomorrow following the end to an outbreak of cryptosporidium.

The pool is due to be back open for business from 1pm after Public Health Wales declared the outbreak of the bug officially over last week.

Extensive tests have since revealed there is no presence of cryptosporidium oocysts in the water.

Work at the pool has seen the filters completely rebuilt with the filter manufacturer to maximise their efficiency.

The water in the pool was also drained and work took place to replace grilles and re-grouting, as well as a replacement of the pool hall lighting before fresh water filled the pool and was then chemically treated prior to retesting.

Newport City Council’s corporate director for environment, Sheila Davies said: "We would again like to reassure residents that their health protection at our facilities is of paramount importance.

"We have always stated that the pool will only reopen when we and the outbreak control team are satisfied that it is safe to do so and we have now reached that stage. "