A 21-year-old musician fulfilled every wannabe rock star's fantasy by performing with guitar legend Slash in front of a crowd of 10,000.

Full-time musician Chris Buck, from Abercarn regularly gigs in the Newport area but nothing could have prepared him for his greatest performance on Tuesday night.

Mr Buck was invited up on stage with the Guns ‘n’ Roses lead guitarist to perform an eight-minute duet on his Fender Stratocaster at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena.

Slash introduced Mr Buck on stage with: "This guy is an awesome guitar player, his name is Chris Buck."

Mr Buck said: "My manager used to know Slash back in the days of Guns ‘n’ Roses, so he sent him some recordings of me, and I guess Slash must have liked them.

"About three weeks ago he rang me. I was just sitting with my girlfriend when this really long number appeared on my phone. When I answered there was a couple of seconds of silence, and I kept saying ‘Hello? Hello?’

And then he said, ‘Oh sorry Chris, it’s Slash.’ "When he suggested I perform with him, I didn’t really have much time to feel nervous. On the night I got to warm-up backstage, and then I watched most of his performance from the side before he introduced me on."

"It was a fantastic experience, he’s a legend. The crowd made me feel incredibly welcome too, I was surprised by how well they received me.

"After all, this is 10,000 people who have come to see Slash, and I thought they wouldn't want to see some other hairy person up on the stage. But it went really well.

"We performed a blues jam for about eight minutes, and we took it in turns to step into the spot light, and then we finished the song together.

"It was an incredible experience. Since I first picked up a guitar, Slash has always had such an influence on me as this iconic figure. His playing is something I have tried to emulate, so it was fantastic to have that experience."