POLICE are investigating a video of a car appearing to drive at 130 miles per hour on a Gwent road.

The video was posted on YouTube and describes itself as showing a Subaru car driving up to 130 miles per hour.

The video shows the car driving along the A4042 bypass between Llantarnam and Newport at excess speed and has had more than 680 views.

Gwent Police said they will now be looking at the footage to try to establish who the driver is and to take action against them.

The video posted in September last year lasts 56 seconds and at one point shows the speedometer reaching around 130 miles per hour.

The car can be seen moving to the outside lane near the welcome to Newport road sign, moves close behind one car which quickly moves to the inside lane and the overtaking of a bus and a lorry.

Inspector Jason Love from the roads policing unit said: "Speeding above the national speed limit is irresponsible and illegal. Driving at this speed, if it is to be believed, is incomprehensible and only luck has prevented this kind of driving from resulting in a serious collision, serious injuries or even a fatality."

He appealed to other road users to report dangerous or careless driving to the police.

Torfaen MP Paul Murphy said: "It's very concerning to think that people could be so stupid. They're not only endangering themselves, but other innocent road users. I think police officers, firefighters or paramedics who've dealt with the results of high speed accidents could teach anyone foolish enough to do this a thing or two. Well done to the Argus for highlighting the concerns that I'm sure your readers will share, and for reporting this to the police."

Llantarnam ward councillor David Daniels said: "It's glorifying speed in a car which is obviously stupid. 130 miles per hour on such a busy road with a number of cars on is unbelievable."

Coed Eva councillor Fiona Cross added: "It's shockingly irresponsible and very dangerous, a frankly pathetic way to get attention. This behaviour could seriously harm others and for what? An ego trip."