This election is a defining choice between weak centralist Labour hich has run out of steam; or a forward looking Plaid with ision to build a modern and successful nation -It's Time for Change in Islwyn and Time to Make a Difference for Wales.

The 2007 National Assembly elections is the time to 'make a difference' -to make a better Wales.

The people of Wales have a clear and distinct choice - continue with the status quo of a rudderless and tired Labour administration or support a reinvigorated Plaid with clear vision aimed at making Wales a better place to live and work for everyone who has chosen to make their home here.

Islwyn constituency is in a prime position to maximise the opportunities ahead of us and to transform our former mining areas into thriving communities once again.

Plaid is truly the party of the people of Wales. Whilst the UK-wide parties are ultimately answerable to their London bosses, Plaid's loyalty is only to the people of our country. Giving the communities of Wales a strong voice is at the centre of our agenda.

For too long political parties have chosen to prioritise their own narrow interests rather than listening to the needs of the public. Our programme for Government has been designed in partnership with the people of Wales through our comprehensive and inclusive What Wales Wants project.

We have hand-delivered 95,000 leaflets to the homes of the residents of Islwyn Constituency seeking their views and priorities.

The responses have given us clear indications of "what the people want". Not, what politicians impose without consultation.

Plaid's policy programme is based on being at one with the aspirations and needs of the people of Wales. A Plaid Government will operate on the basis of traditional Welsh political values. Social justice; the need to protect community provision of public services - especially the NHS from centralisation and privatisation; the redistribution of wealth; progressive taxation and the empowerment of communities. None of the London based parties agree with these fundamental political principles.

Labour plan to build a new Local Hospital in Ystrad Mynach, located in a 'Flood Plain' and close to Caerphilly Council's proposed 'Waste Treatment Plant'.

They are also proposing to downgrade the Royal Gwent Hospital to a Local General Hospital, resulting in most of the people living in the Islwyn Constituency travelling even further for their specialist treatment.