Trefor Puw was born in Newport in 1958. After gaining his degree in engineering at Leicester University and a period working in Slough, he returned to Newport and worked for several local electronics companies.

Interest in environmental matters led to an MA in environmental management from University of Wales Newport in 2006 and he now runs a wood recycling business.

He's stood for Plaid Cymru in previous Newport City Council elections, and has been an officer of the Newport East Branch of Plaid Cymru for 18 years.

In his spare time Trefor plays table tennis in the Newport and District League and is interested in classic cars and Japanese motorbikes.

Trefor's political interests are mainly in the environment and economic development.

He says: "Plaid's manifesto for the Assembly Elections is based on our 7 for 07 policies which will be the priorities for a Plaid government."

1. Saving Wales - the energy plan. In facing the challenge of climate change, saving energy is easier than finding more. Energy efficiency and conservation is the best way of cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. A Plaid government will cut energy use by 10%, saving you money and saving the environment.

2. Universal Affordable Childcare. Childcare provision in Wales is expensive and patchy. A Plaid government will provide affordable childcare in every community.

3. One laptop per child. A Plaid government will give all eleven-year-olds their own laptop for learning, with the latest educational software. We can make Wales the most knowledge-rich nation in the world.

4. Stamp out student debt. A Plaid government will reduce the debt burden of graduates who live and work in Wales. Students who graduate from Welsh universities and colleges and work in Wales for five years will have their student loan repayments paid during that period.

5. First Home Grants. The average property in Wales costs more than six times the average annual Welsh salary. A Plaid government will introduce a first home grant to help people with the cost of buying their first home.

6. Business tax cuts. Business throughout Wales needs to be encouraged to expand and create more jobs to create a strong economy. A Plaid government will slash the business tax burden on small and medium-sized businesses.

7. New community health service. A Plaid government will create a new Community Health Service with nurses in schools, check-ups at work and "Centres of Wellbeing" in every community.