Andrew Constantine is a chartered accountant by professional training and is an expert in corporate taxation who has now worked in financial services for 20 years.

While Andrew is passionate about England and the necessity for the revival of a Parliament for England, he is very concerned about the state of our democracy in the UK, pointing to the low turnout in elections, the many instances of corruption in the political elite, the liberal bias in the BBC and other media and the undemocratic nature of the EU.

But Andrew is no little Englander having lived abroad in Singapore, Malta and Italy.

Andrew was educated at Cambridge University following some three years at Cowbridge Grammar school in Glamorgan where he learned Welsh and developed a real admiration for the language, history and identity of Wales.

Andrew says that whenever the word "patriotism" is mentioned, someone always comes up with that cynical remark made by Sam Johnson, about it being the last refuge of the scoundrel; but in reality pride in one's own country is a natural birthright.

Andrew reckons that some of the feelings of alienation and some of the poor behaviours of some of our fellow citizens may well have something to do with the way our national identities in the UK have been submerged by the liberal political and media elites.

While Andrew's main policy demand is that the people of Monmouthshire should have the right to vote in a referendum as to whether their county should be in England or Wales, Andrew has some well developed thoughts on how to encourage the financial services to relocate to the local area.

Andrew is proud to be standing for your votes in the constituency of Newport East and if elected will move to the constituency and will hard to look after his constituents.

Andrew asks the electors of Newport East to vote for him and the English Democrats and has promised that if elected he will work with the other members of the Welsh Assembly to develop the financial services industry in the area so as to bring more well paid jobs to the hard working people who voted for him.

Andrew, a family man aged 51, is married to Rosalind Williams and they have twins, Nick and Julia, aged 16. His interests are politics, reading and hill walking."