I was born in Cardiff in 1950, moved to Newport in 1976 but now live in Risca.

I graduated from the Polytechnic of Wales with a degree in Chemical Engineering, later a post graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.

I ran my own Health, Safety, Environmental and Management Consultancy. Between 1999 and 2003 I was the National Assembly Member for Islwyn. Recently I obtained a Diploma in Sustainable Profitable Growth / Leadership, now a part time business development adviser and have run a community transport charity.

During, my Assembly Years, I sat on the Economic Development Committee, and was the Group's Spokesperson for Small Businesses. Also, on the Environment and the Health and Social Services Committees. I won the first Private Members Bill which made Careers Education compulsory (Education and Careers Act) for people in the 16-19 age group.

I was known as "Postman-Pat"; I fought for our post office at every and all levels, even the delivering of a 75000 signature petition to the Parliamentary Minister. I want to develop post offices to be the "communications" centre for our local communities.

I have campaigned long and hard for the reopening of the railway passenger line from Ebbw Vale to Newport, which is extremely important and the Government made vague promises which are now late. I believe a good railway system is an integral part of a good transport structure which is vital for industry and tourism particularly as our roads seem ever more crowded and we don't have the land to build more.

Why vote for me? I am enthusiastic, hard working, sympathetic to people, communicative and I promise to raise the profile of Newport West at every level and opportunity. I feel that I can contribute, with my experience and background, to improve the quality of life in Newport West. I will work to improve the amount of listening that is done to people and to businesses to continuously develop and improve the economic activity and support. When elected I will open a Constituency Office in Newport City and will hold surgeries throughout the Constituency. Importantly, Plaid has the polices developed in Wales for Wales with no other agendas.

I am the current Chair of Newport Harriers Athletic Club, a post held for about 15 years, started as a distance runner. I am keen to see the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canals to be fully re-opened to enhance tourism and leisure.