Nick Bourne

9:37am Tuesday 24th April 2007

WHY VOTE? Because it's your chance to have a say - it's as simple as that.

You have the opportunity to make a real difference. To say whether you want more of the same under Labour or whether you vote for change with the Welsh Conservatives.

Welsh Conservatives have spent the past two years listening to what you think, we have been talking to groups and individuals in every part of Wales. You have told us that we need to change. And we have.

You have also told us what your priorities are - issues like the state of our NHS, schools, housing and environment. We have listened to how best we can improve the quality of life for everyone in Wales, not just the few, and produced a manifesto full of optimism and hope based on these priorities.

We will spend exactly the same as Labour on public services but much more effectively.

We have exciting policies that will help families and communities in every part of Wales. Like our commitment to stop Labour's hospital cuts and our plans for better childcare.

Our pledge to invest an extra £100 million into modern medicines and an extra £64 million into helping families find homes.

Vitally, we will also invest additional money to help close the funding gap that has developed between schools in Wales and England.

And we can't expect to cut congestion and create a greener environment without investing properly in our public transport.

The big difference between us and Labour is that we believe there should be a shift in power away from central government to our communities.

Politicians don't always know best. We need to get Labour politicians out of the day-to-day running of our NHS and support our health professionals.

We need to stop the meddling in the school system and trust our teachers.

To create a more socially responsible society everyone needs to do their bit. That means parents taking responsibility for their children. Businesses and households conserving precious energy.

Working together to tackle anti-social behaviour, giving more support to social enterprises and voluntary groups.

Welsh Conservatives are committed to making Wales more green, more local, more family friendly.

However you plan to vote, just make sure you do. The Assembly election only comes round once every 4 years, so go on, make a trip to the polling station on May 3rd and have your say.

Vote for change.


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