I have to say how heartening it is to see a number of people trying their best to ensure that the national day of Wales is celebrated more than ever this year.

The explosion of social media means that the spread of awareness can be done using Facebook and Twitter which is only a good thing.

I’m following on both sites quite a few people who are staging events and activities in various parts of the country.

I remember from my school days that it was always a school concert in the morning and then an afternoon off.

I can’t recall when the half day off was scrapped but the day seemed to lose momentum out of the 70s and into the 80s.

Radio stations I worked at in the 90s appeared to be more concerned with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and Australia Day than our own which always struck as a little strange.

We’re trying our best at Real Radio to do something special this year.

Not only will we have our Real Patrol all over the country giving away daffodils on March 1st but we’ve invited some of our favourite people to the radio station for a live performance.

When we celebrated our 10th anniversary last October with a fantastic evening at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff the act that stole the show and blew the roof off the building was Only Men Aloud. They have kindly agreed to sing for St. David’s Day at Real Radio and we’ll broadcast it live just after 1pm.

They have to be seen and heard live to appreciate just how good they are, so it should be a day to remember next Tuesday and hopefully, the first of many.