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EDITOR'S CHAIR: Odd tale of the UKIP DJ and his calypso calamity

South Wales Argus: CHANGING HIS TUNE: Former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read who apologised for “unintentionally causing offence” with his Ukip Calypso, sung with a mock Caribbean accent

11:46am Thursday 23rd October 2014

READERS of a certain age (and by that I mean people who are as old as me) will remember Mike Read as something of an Eighties superstar.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: If you are a public servant, your first duty is to the public

South Wales Argus: Alun Davies (7742658)

10:01am Thursday 3rd July 2014

THERE is a golden rule to which all public servants should be bound.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Before you go Maria Miller... you still owe us 40k

South Wales Argus: Maria Miller reading an apology statement in the House of Commons in London over her parliamentary expenses. PA Wire

2:30pm Thursday 10th April 2014

THEY still don't get it, do they?

EDITOR'S CHAIR: How two huge egos destroyed the mining industry

South Wales Argus: MINERS STRIKE (4435173)

10:21am Thursday 13th March 2014

YESTERDAY marked 30 years since the start of the last significant national strike in this country.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Do you 'treasure' your local council's Pravda?

1:24pm Friday 28th February 2014

IT is absolutely right that local councils have direct lines of communication to their residents.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Demolition latest in long line of missed opportunities for Newport

South Wales Argus: Sequence 7 Crowds gather to watch the demolition of the Capitol car park and old bus station in Newport City centre. (3377453)

10:06am Thursday 16th January 2014

NEWPORT had a chance to give the world a positive message on Sunday.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Are politicians the right people to be running education in Wales?

South Wales Argus: Uniforms are among the regular costs to pay to get your child back in the classroom.

4:07pm Thursday 5th December 2013

THE Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) results come out every three years.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: The book that lifts the lid on County's season of triumph

South Wales Argus: CELEBRATION: Christian Jolley and Aaron O’Connor, Newport County’s goalscorers in the play-off final against Wrexham in May

10:02am Thursday 14th November 2013

A BRIEF sentence in our weekly nostalgia page The Archive caught my eye this week.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Paranoia and a lack of transparency at the top of Newport council

South Wales Argus: The demolition of the Chartist mural in Newport (1317500)

10:02am Thursday 31st October 2013

HAVING been away from the office for a few weeks, I have watched the furore over the demolition of Newport's Chartist mural from afar.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Why should anyone be surprised by the Daily Mail's vile treatment of Ed Miliband's father?

South Wales Argus: Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre (1305064)

10:02am Thursday 3rd October 2013

THERE has been much outrage this week over the Daily Mail's article last Saturday about Labour leader Ed Milliband's late father Ralph.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: New M4 will be a relief for everyone

South Wales Argus: Argus-Mark     15-03-13
Traffic congestion approaching J28 on the M4 after a fatal accident in the Brynglas Tunnels (1223255)

10:02am Thursday 26th September 2013

LIKE most Newport residents, I received the M4 relief road consultation document in the post this week.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Chartism is important, not the mural

South Wales Argus: The Chartist mural in John Frost square (967236)

9:32am Thursday 19th September 2013

MUCH has been written and said about Newport's Chartist mural in recent weeks.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Whatever happened to the Big Society?

South Wales Argus: ‘FEWER PEOPLE JOINING’: Newport Round Table chairman Paul Thomas

3:51pm Thursday 12th September 2013

ONCE upon a time there was a prime minister who had a big idea. And he called his big idea the Big Society.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: We must not become a ‘do nothing’ nation over Syria

South Wales Argus: David Cameron addresses the House of Commons

12:56pm Thursday 5th September 2013

THE fall-out and recriminations from last week’s Commons vote on military action in Syria are likely to dominate political debate for some time to come.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: Newport will miss caring, passionate councillor, Ron Jones

South Wales Argus: DENIES CHARGES: Cllr Ron Jones

12:53pm Thursday 29th August 2013

THERE have been plenty of tributes paid to Cllr Ron Jones, who died suddenly this week, and it would be remiss of me not to add one of my own.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: App is part of new era at Argus

South Wales Argus: ARGUS APP

4:05pm Thursday 15th August 2013

IT'S been the start of a brave new world in the Argus newsroom this week.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: Time for Gwent Police bosses to get on with their job

South Wales Argus: FACING MPS: Ian Johnston and Carmel Napier give evidence to the home affairs select committee

10:50am Thursday 4th July 2013

 IS IT TIME to draw a line under the Carmel Napier/Ian Johnston saga?

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: We’re putting up price but bringing you more

South Wales Argus: BIGGER AND BETTER: There’s more in your Argus from Monday

9:25am Thursday 27th June 2013

LET’S get the bad news out of the way first. From next Monday the price of your South Wales Argus will increase to 65p per day.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: Anatomy of a scoop

South Wales Argus: INTERESTING TIMES: Ian Johnston and Carmel Napier had a public disagreement last month

4:00pm Thursday 13th June 2013

IT’S been quite a week. Last week, I wrote about the reaction to our exclusive revelation that Gwent chief constable Carmel Napier was to retire with immediate effect.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: New police chief must deliver for Gwent

South Wales Argus: INTERESTING TIMES: Ian Johnston and Carmel Napier had a public disagreement last month

10:45am Thursday 6th June 2013

GWENT chief constable Carmel Napier’s decision to retire, revealed exclusively by the Argus yesterday morning, raises more questions than it answers.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: Where were the AMs?

South Wales Argus: FULL HOUSE HERE: But why did no AM attend the seminar at the Pierhead Building?

10:40am Thursday 30th May 2013

LAST Thursday I spent the day at the National Assembly as one of the guest speakers at a seminar looking at what role the media could play in addressing the democratic deficit in Wales.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: Giving you what you want, how you want it

South Wales Argus: NEW MEDIA: The Argus website viewed on a smartphone

11:20am Thursday 23rd May 2013

YOU may have noticed we have been publishing a full-page reader survey in the Argus for the last couple of weeks.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: A breath of fresh air in Newport city debate

South Wales Argus: VISION: City centre taskforce leader Simon Gibson has unveiled his ideas for the future of Newport which is not dependent on the construction of Friar’s Walk shopping centre

2:26pm Thursday 16th May 2013

OUR interview earlier this week with Simon Gibson, the businessman heading the Welsh Government’s Newport city centre taskforce, stirred up something of a hornets’ nest.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Now work begins to secure Exiles' future

South Wales Argus: Newport County fans at Wembley

10:18am Thursday 9th May 2013

IT WAS beyond anything I have ever experienced at a football match.

THE EDITOR'S CHAIR: County’s is the ultimate romantic sporting story

South Wales Argus: FAIRYTALE: County fans celebrate with players Andy Sandell and Aaron O’Connor after the defeat of Grimsby in the play-offs.

12:56pm Thursday 2nd May 2013

I’M not ashamed to admit I had tears welling up at Rodney Parade last Sunday.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Censorship? No way, you’d read all about it

South Wales Argus: PROTEST: Demonstrators outside the city library make their feelings known over the council’s arts cuts.

3:20pm Thursday 25th April 2013

THERE has been an interesting debate on Twitter this week (and who knew the words ‘interesting’ and ‘Twitter’ would ever be used in the same sentence?) between a Newport city councillor and the campaigners Save Newport Art.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: How much would you pay for news?

South Wales Argus: DIGITAL NEWS: In the long run, newspapers – including the Argus – must start charging readers to view their websites

12:10pm Thursday 18th April 2013

IS NEWS free? It is an interesting question and one that is being debated increasingly across the newspaper industry at the moment.

EDITOR'S CHAIR: Watching people celebrating Thatcher's death is sickening

South Wales Argus: Margaret Thatcher

6:30am Thursday 11th April 2013

THE idea of throwing a party to celebrate the death of a human being is, in my view, utterly repugnant.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Conference fixture pile-up is a disgrace

South Wales Argus: WEATHER WOES: County fans doing their bit to try to ensure matches go ahead

10:30am Thursday 28th March 2013

NEWPORT County AFC ply their trade in what is meant to be a professional league.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: I am angry that local press has been ignored

South Wales Argus: LONG-AWAITED: Lord Justice Leveson with the report from the inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press inside the QEII Conference Centre, London, yesterday

10:32am Thursday 21st March 2013

THIS week we saw the three main political parties in Britain reach agreement on a Royal Charter for Press regulation in the wake of the Leveson inquiry.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Wake up, it’s time to restore Newport's pride

South Wales Argus: THE LAMB: ‘A great Newport pub’

4:50pm Thursday 14th March 2013

THE following is a letter I received this week from Jonathan Thomas, the new landlord of The Lamb pub in Bridge Street, Newport. It is an impassioned plea to the powers-that-be and the people of Newport to come to the rescue of the city centre. It is a must-read and, I hope, the starting-point for a sensible, intelligent debate about Newport’s future.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Arrogance of top 'public servants' must end

South Wales Argus: Hundreds protest against Caerphilly officers ‘mammoth’ pay rises

1:03pm Thursday 7th March 2013

THE scandal – and make no mistake, it is a scandal – over the unlawful awarding of pay rises to senior officers at Caerphilly council is another example of a growing trend in the public sector.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Sharing Rodney Parade good for everyone

South Wales Argus: ON PARADE: Newport County’s future is at Rodney Parade

5:08pm Thursday 21st February 2013

HOPEFULLY Newport County will this week seal a deal to extend its ground share at Rodney Parade for ten years. The lease may already be signed by the time you read this.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Complain, yes, but for good, and not for profits

South Wales Argus: CONCERNS: The proposed new press regulations could lead to spurious complaints

11:10am Thursday 14th February 2013

THE government’s proposals to regulate the press via a royal charter have much to recommend them, not least that they do not involve any form of statutory underpinning.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Power can be in hands of Newport businesses

South Wales Argus: STRUGGLING: Businesses are finding it hard to survive in Newport city centre

10:44am Thursday 31st January 2013

TONIGHT a meeting takes place in Newport, the outcome of which will decide the future of the city centre.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Grit Gwent effort, but schools could do better in the snow

South Wales Argus: HELPING HAND: Newport Council workmen turned out in the blizzards to use grit to help free a motorist on Gaer Road, Newport

12:14pm Thursday 24th January 2013

FROM red weather warnings to ‘snow bombs’ it’s been quite a few days for most people in Gwent.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Britain’s high streets need radical solution

South Wales Argus: THE EDITOR’S CHAIR EMPTY SHOP: An all too familiar sight in Newport city centre

5:38pm Thursday 17th January 2013

WHAT a bleak week for Britain’s high streets! In just a few days household names Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have gone to the wall, calling in administrators and putting thousands of jobs at risk.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Rodney Parade ground staff are festive heroes

South Wales Argus: FIRM FOOTING: County’s match went ahead less than 24 hours after rugby was played on the pitch

12:10pm Thursday 3rd January 2013

HATS off to the ground staff at Rodney Parade who worked miracles this week in getting the pitch playable for two big sporting fixtures despite some horrendous weather.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Scandal that police commissioners can appoint mates to be deputies

South Wales Argus: JOBS FOR THE BOYS?: Ian Johnston, left, is proposing Paul Harris, above, as his deputy

11:10am Thursday 13th December 2012

ONE of the few reasons given by the government for the hugely unpopular introduction of police and crime commissioners was that having an elected official in charge of local forces would increase accountability.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Press self-regulation a way to keep legislation at bay

South Wales Argus: REPORTING BACK: Lord Justice Leveson delivers his recommendations

11:54am Thursday 6th December 2012

SOME readers may have seen or heard me on the BBC over the last few days giving my reaction to the Leveson Inquiry’s recommendations.

YOUR AM WRITES: Jocelyn Davies AM

3:50pm Thursday 6th December 2012

LIKE me, Argus readers will be pleased that finally a commitment to electrify the Paddington to Swansea line and the Valleys Lines was made by the UK government earlier this year.

YOUR AM WRITES: Alun Davies, AM for Blaenau Gwent

3:20pm Thursday 29th November 2012

EVEN before the latest cuts under the UK Government’s plans for Welfare Reform have had a chance to bite, London councils are in preparations to move their homeless to other parts of the UK, as it becomes impossible to find housing within the government’s housing benefits cap.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Now fans must stand up for what’s right

South Wales Argus: RACIST CHANTS: England’s Danny Rose angrily mirrors the ‘monkey’ taunts he was forced to endure from Serbian fan’s in last month’s European Under-21 Championship match in Krusevac

10:50am Thursday 29th November 2012

IT LOOKS as though the racism, obscenities, and downright inhuman behaviour of some football fans is finally being addressed by the powers that be.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Railroaded through, PCCs have to deliver

South Wales Argus: DESERTED: One of the polling stations used in the PCC elections

10:20am Thursday 22nd November 2012

WHETHER we like it or not (and I am firmly in the ‘not’ camp) Gwent now has its first Police and Crime Commissioner.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Removing Newport loco sends out wrong message

South Wales Argus: PUBLIC ART: A reminder of the heavy industries that fuelled Newport’s economy Removing loco sends out wrong message

2:25pm Thursday 15th November 2012

THE removal of a vintage steam locomotive from Newport’s riverfront might not seem like a big deal.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: WRU needs to invest in the regional teams

South Wales Argus: FLYING DRAGON? Dan Lydiate, who is out of contract at the end of this season, is being targeted by big-spending French clubs

12:52pm Thursday 8th November 2012

I APOLOGISE in advance for this week’s column having an exclusively sporting theme – but I firmly belief sport has a central part to play in local communities and local economies.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Savile fiasco should not end trust in BBC

South Wales Argus: SHAMED STAR: The allegations against Jimmy Savile have put the BBC and in the dock as well

3:54pm Thursday 25th October 2012

THE BBC is a national treasure. It can be brilliant and bombastic, excellent and exasperating, trendsetting and old-fashioned.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Press should not be under state control

South Wales Argus: TOUGHER REGULATIONS: All newspapers are facing the backlash of the Leveson inquiry

12:11pm Thursday 18th October 2012

BEFORE you read on, let me make one thing clear. The following is not an editor whingeing on behalf of his industry.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: Party conferences are full of irrelevant froth

South Wales Argus: ALL A BIT OF A SHAM, REALLY: Thankfully the party conferences are over

2:48pm Thursday 11th October 2012

THANK God for that. The party conferences are over and perhaps that means our political leaders can get back to running the country rather than taking part in what amounted to a preelection beauty parade.

THE EDITOR’S CHAIR: I wonder who would have been in the Cwmbran bunker?

South Wales Argus: NULL AND VOID: What lies beneath the now-empty County Hall – and who was on the list to go into the bunker in times of crisis?

12:56pm Thursday 4th October 2012

OUR revelations this week that County Hall’s value has been slashed because a nuclear bunker built beneath it needs to be filled in set me thinking.

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