ALL IN all, the Labour-Plaid government plans to cut our NHSby £1 billion over the next three years.

While we do not deny that the current economic climate is difficult, we are the only Party committed to protecting the NHSbudget in line with inflation.

As we see people enjoying longer lives, standards will have to improve across a range of health services.

Our Party will give particular priority to hospice and palliative outreach services, stroke units and Early Supported Discharge services – to give stroke victims the best chance of recovery.

Wewill invest an additional £10 million in the WelshAmbulance Service to ensure that at least 75 percent of ambulances respond to categoryAemergency calls within eight minutes.

Wewill also invest an additional £10 million in the dispensation of lifeextending cancer treatments.Weknow for a fact that the Labour-led government refuses funding for cancer medicines available in other parts of the UK.

Our Party will introduce an Armed Forces’ Card to acknowledge the hard work and determination of ex-servicemen, giving benefits such free bus travel andNHSpriority care.

Wewill encourage enterprise to create newjobs and with newjobs come newgoods and services and a wider distribution of gains.

Wewill abolish business rates for all small businesses and offer business support for unemployed people with the potential to start a business.

Wewill give communities the opportunity to take over the running of local amenities including village halls, community centre, pubs and post offices.

To support Welsh farmers and the rural economy we will pursue ‘Protected Geographic Status’ for unique Welsh produce, increase funding for promoting Welsh food and drink, and promote food tourism.

Our Party will improve educational standards by giving headteachers genuine professional autonomy. This will be achieved by funding schools directly fromthe Welsh Assembly Government.

In education we will increase the value placed on vocational courses and encourage partnerships with the private sector.Wewill also establish a hardship fund, to help the most disadvantaged students. Bursaries will be linked to basic entrepreneurship training to cultivate an enterprising mindset in our students.

OnMay 5 the choice is between a failed model of centralisation, bureaucracy and ministerial interference or a more flexible system with more freedom and more choice.

It’s a big choice that has the potential to create a happier, healthier and wealthier Wales.