A vote for fairness and common sense

Politics has been a see-saw, with elections pushing Labour to the top, then pushing them down again, while the Tories take their turn. It has all been rather predictable and more than a little boring. None of it has been good for the country.

At this election, for the first time in a couple of generations, we have a genuine chance to vote for change.

Here’s what the Liberal Democrats are offering.

Fair taxes - nobody will pay tax on the first £10,000 they earn. This will take 5,200 people in Newport West out of tax altogether. Another 22,000 people earning over £10,000 will gain £700 a year.

A fair start for our children. Lib Dems will make the money available to reduce class sizes.

A fair deal for you from politicians. I and all Lib Dem candidates have signed a contract telling you what you have a right to expect from me as your local MP.

I want to be held to account.

Watch what the other parties say, then judge for yourself whether a vote for the Liberal Democrats, for great new ideas and good solid common sense and fairness is worth a go this time.

Veronica German is a former Newport City Councillor and governor of Caerleon Comprehensive school. Her children all attended local schools.

She was the Newport West parliamentary candidate in 2001 and Assembly candidate in 1999.