I AM David Thomas Williams, I am the Conservative candidate for the Welsh Assembly Elections on May 5, 2011 I am a local, having lived in Newport West for forty years.

I am married to Ruth, and our daughter attends a local comprehensive.

I enjoy TaeKwon Do, history and walking.

I have been a Newport City councillor for six years, representing GraigWard.

I represent the people of Newport on several community organisations such as the Community Health Council, Community Chest and Caldicot andWentlooge Levels Drainage Board.

I am committed to public service, I would be honoured to represent Newport West at the Assembly and to see an economically sound city with a thriving arts and cultural heritage to maintain.

Our great city was built on the creativity and enterprise of its people. These strengths and skills need to be rediscovered.

I would support abolishing business rates for small business to help them to expand and create jobs. I would support a manufacturing strategy to improve investment in the Newport economy.

An economic enterprise zone, along with a free port, would sowthe seeds for a flourishing city of commerce, industry and trade.

The Royal Gwent - the delay in building the new £300,000,000 critical care hospital gives us a chance to make sure it’s built in Newport, not Cwmbran. This will protect local jobs, local people, and the local economy.

The ‘Gwent’ belongs in Newport.

The re-establishment of the EbbwVale to Newport rail link is critical to bring people into the city to work, shop and play.

Newport has been let down by the Labour led Assembly. We need to reconnect the city to ourWesternValleys, and let the train take the strain.

More money is needed for Newport schools.

The Labour led Assembly spends £600 less per secondary school pupil than is spent in England.

This scandal must not continue. Our children deserve a quality education, and the skills required to equip them for the world of work.

Under the Labour ledWelsh Assembly theWelsh economy has declined.

Our education system has got worse, and we have much poorer health outcomes than England.

The election this year will mark a watershed in the history of Newport.

Ask yourself do you want another 12 years of Labour?

Or are you bold enough to vote for change?

Vote David ThomasWilliams just because NewportWest matters.