I AM running for Torfaen because I believe that I and the Welsh Liberal Democrats can offer better solutions and representation for the people of Torfaen.

I also believe that the youth also need representation in the National Assembly for Wales, so that their issues and concerns are better understood.

I also think that I can offer Torfaen better representation by involving myself in local campaigns and events, and organising street surgeries, where constituents would be easily able to talk to me about issues they are facing.

I also will offer the people of Torfaen a better idea of what I would be doing as their Assembly member, by publishing a blog of what I have been doing locally and in the Assembly.

I will also publish a voting record, to provide greater transparency, so that people can hold me to account and make an informed choice at the ballot box.

Also as a Welsh Liberal Democrat, I will be strongly supporting policies that will get Wales working again - for example by creating jobs and improving our economy by offering companies £2000 for staff training if they provide jobs to unemployed young people.

Youth unemployment remains at a 13-year high in Wales, and this needs to be resolved if the next generation are to be successful.

The funding gap in Welsh schools is shocking - currently pupils in Wales get £604 less than pupils in England. We will tackle the spending gap, providing additional funding by schools, by targeting additional money at the 80,000 pupils who need it the most.

Areas of Wales like Torfaen have been hit hard by the recession, and I believe that the next Assembly Government should work to solve this.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats would deliver more money for innovation, science, and training, by creating a Jobs and Growth Innovation programme, as well as offering 5,000 training grants a year, to new businesses that set up in Wales.

The NHS in Wales is also in real need of improvement. Millions of pounds has been wasted on unnecessary bureaucracy in the Health Service. We would direct your money into the front line, providing more doctors and nurses, and reducing waiting times.

I think Torfaen can do better, and the Welsh Liberal Democrats can offer solutions that work for you, and get Wales working again.