TALYWAIN and Garndiffaith RFCs are set to play a brace of tribute games in honour of two club members who died on the same day as each other.

Dale Llewellyn, a second-row who played for both clubs, and coach and player Keith “Beefy”

Jones, both died on January 2, with their funerals held on Thursday and Friday last week.

Both clubs have already come to an agreement to put together a combined Talywain and Garndiffaith side to play against the Monmouthshire county side, whom Mr Jones used to coach and was a selector for.

And now both Talywain and the Garn have said they want to set up a game against each other in honour of the two men.

Jeff Clutterbuck, chairman at Talywain, said: “We are going to organise a game with the Garn, a Beefy Llewellyn memorial cup, if you like.

“The players are up for it. I think everyone’s up for it, to be honest. We just need to all sit down and get it sorted now.

Both clubs agree it’s something we need to do.

“The problem is obviously with the weather. Both sides have got a backlog of fixtures we have to clear, so finding a free date is proving tough, but even if it is in August as a preseason game, it’s going to happen.”

Ray Sugar, Garndiffaith chairman, said: “We think the Monmouthshire game is going to be towards the end of March, perhaps the Friday night before one of the internationals.

“We are already four games behind in the league and it doesn’t look good for the cup game on Saturday, so that will be another one, It is just about setting a firm date.

“We are up for both games and think it would be a fitting tribute.”