A PONTYPOOL rap group gained more than 13,000 views on YouTube for its latest video shot in Newport – which features the South Wales Argus.

The group ‘Wake The **** Up’ is delighted after their newest video ‘Yungg S – The XX Intro’ attracted 13,514 views since it was uploaded just a week ago.

The outspoken track featuring many locations in and around Gwent including Ridgeway, Newport, aims to express the problems of today as well as shots of the Argus cuttings to express the harsh reality and news the people of the area have to see.

Shot and directed by 20-year-old Crosskeys student Jordan Sullivan (J.Sull) the video stars rapper and writer ‘Yungg S,’ (Luke Guest), 20.

The artists who have over 1,000 subscribers and almost 85,000 video views on You Tube, have been making music for the past three years in a bedroom studio along with singer and student Jasmine Ali, 18.

The group didn’t expect this particular video to be such a hit.

“We didn’t think that this project would take off as much as it did,” Mr Sullivan said.

“In just three days it hit 12,000 views.

“We spent quite a while on the project working every night until 4am, so we must have spent well over 200 hours on it.

“I am in charge of the recording and video process, I do some of the writing and all of the media and promotion.

“We are all separate artists but together formed the group ‘Wake The **** Up’(WTFU) “We want to inspire young people and give them a positive message.”

The group are yet to sign a record deal and do everything from the recording to the video editing themselves.

Mr Guest said: “The song is an expression of the life back home and explaining the troubles in everyday society that I have witnessed and lived in.

“I figured the only way to express so many built up feelings would be through music so I was shocked at the reaction.

“With the hard work and time put into the creation of both the song and video, I felt the credits and rating was well deserved.”

The audio and music technology student at Bristol University said that he was grateful for all the support he had received, calling it ‘quite the experience.’ “There is also a lot of personal stuff in the lyrics and things close to my heart,” he added.

WTFU will be releasing their first Bristol debut ‘Bright Lights’ about chasing the dream in March.