WORK is under way to build houses on in Newport on the site of the former Tredegar Park golf course near Bassaleg, as developers install flood protection measures.

Newbridge Construction Limited say the defences they are putting in place will be sufficient to hold back water from the River Ebbw and even protect other properties already at risk downstream.

Planning permission for the development was initially refused, but was granted after appeal in 2007 on the condition that robust defences were put in place.

When Newbridge Construction Limited has finished the work, around 150 new homes will be created on the 92 acre site.

A spokeswoman for Newbridge Construction Ltd said: “We have worked closely with Newport City Council and Natural Resources Wales to ensure the best solution for the site in terms of flood alleviation and its future uses for the local community.”

The council initially refused permission to build on the former golf course site in the west of Newport.

But after appeal and a promise to address concerns the development was given the green light.

A “bund”, which holds water during flooding, in Tredegar Park Sports Ground has already been moved and will take pressure off the river downstream as the sports ground could act as a replacement flood plain.

The project means sports pitches at the park have to be realigned, but the plans allow for the creation of three more pitches than originally, increasing the number to 15.

Workers will now fell a number of poplar and cypress trees in order to reinforce the bund between the M4 and the Ebbw.

Newbridge Construction Ltd said the result of their development, including native trees being planted, would be a landscape “more in keeping with a UK parkland setting whilst substantially improving the level of flood protection to Duffryn and other low lying areas downstream.”

Anyone who has any questions about the work which is going on is invited to call the project managers on 029 20623336.