WELSH comedian Rhod Gilbert took time out from stand-up comedy when he came to Newport this week to work with vets in the city.

Gilbert, 45, is at Budget Vets in Malpas this week in what he has called one of the most “emotionally challenging” tasks he has been given during five seasons of filming BBC’s Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience.

Among his jobs is to attend to an abandoned dog.

Gilbert said: “I’ve got a dog myself so this has been especially hard. There is more bad news here than anything else.

“Everywhere you go it is a challenge to break the ice with the staff because inevitably you feel in the way sometimes, especially when you’ve got a dying animal on your hands. But it’s been good – really tough.”

The West Walian, who now lives in London, says it is “always nice” to return to his native Wales but said, in the upcoming series, he will be going all over Britain in search of new challenges.

He added: “A lot of comedians will tell you, it’s hard to get your adrenaline going again when you’re not on stage. I’ve only done two stand-ups in 18 months. But it will be good to fly a million- pound RAF machine up in Anglesey this series.”

Peter Heathcote, owner of Budget Vets, said: “We are delighted to have him. I think the clients have enjoyed having Rhod here because he’s very approachable.”

The upcoming series is due to air on BBC One Wales this autumn.