A RAPPER who bought a replica Ferrari made with parts from a Toyota car is writing a song about his prized motor after being mobbed by fans.

Pontypool dad Carlton Lawrence, 49, bought the red Toyota MR2 converted into a showy 360 Spider Ferrari about a month ago.

He decided to muse about his purchase after dazzled onlookers kept taking pictures of his car during trips to Cwmbran shops and Barry Island.

Some derided his purchase on Facebook saying it was a fake but others were impressed by the closeness to the iconic original.

Mr Lawrence made headlines earlier this year when he wrote a song about the Abergavenny tyre firm boss Andrew Woodhouse after he was cleared of assault for fighting back thieves at his yard.

He said: “Wherever I go people take pictures.

“I tell them ‘Look it’s a kit car’. They have all gone on Facebook.

“I’ve done a song. I’m working on the music at the moment. It is slightly like Lily Allen.

“Others say it’s a fake. The song is a bit of fun.”

Mr Lawrence spent about six months searching the internet before finding his replica Ferrari based on the sports car.

He would not divulge exactly how much his 2000 replica car cost but said a genuine 2005 Ferrari belonging to a friend had come with a £71,000 price tag.

He added: “I have been looking quite a long time on the internet for the replica.

“I quite fancied this one and I borrowed some money to get it.

“My partner is getting fed up with it, but my boys love it.

“The speed is totally different: A Ferrari would do 200mph, mine does 130mph but even people who have got a proper Ferrari can’t tell.”

Mr Lawrence is working on the song called Carlton’s Big Ferrari with musician friends who go by the name Sticky Fingers Wales.

They also worked together on their video The Andrew Woodhouse Story this spring.

Mr Lawrence is planning to upload his song onto YouTube next month.