THE decision to permanently close a water play feature in Newport’s Tredegar Park has provoked sadness and anger from Argus readers.

Many parents said they had hoped to take their children to the pirate-themed facility this summer and that children had less to do in Newport than other towns and cities in South Wales.

On Monday, we reported that Newport council made the decision to close the facility for good as it costs too much to maintain.

The feature was opened in 2007 at a cost of £120,000 but the authority said it would cost £200,000 to repair or replace.

Earlier this week, a spokeswoman for Newport council said the water play feature “is currently closed and will soon be removed.”

“During the winter a series of structural and mechanical inspections were undertaken and the results concluded that the water play feature requires significant capital investment to enable it to reopen.

“The council is extremely disappointed that it has to take this action but with a reduced budget and further savings to be found it is left with no other option.”

Some Argus readers reacted angrily to the news on Facebook and our website.

Clare R Webb said: “It wouldn’t hurt to charge a few pounds for people to use it, surely that’d cover the upkeep? Yet again NCC chooses the easy option and just shuts it.”

Megan Cotterill said: “I think this is ridiculous, there are not many places to take children anymore for outdoor fun. The council need to up their game. Cardiff and Cwmbran have better things for children to do now, Newport is being left behind.”

Leanne Meek said: “Such a shame, my son and nieces and nephews had many happy days playing here what a waste.”

On our website, Portman said: “Shame on you council, you have just given the green light for hundreds of bored kids to roam the town. When you build something decent you have to maintain it.”

Maggiesian said: “ At least two businesses did very good trade on the two days we were there. Oddly enough it was the brainchild of a man brought up in Risca. Perhaps he should come out of retirement and start advising Newport City council.”