PRIME minister David Cameron is to set to return to the host city of the Nato summit this autumn for a business conference, the Argus understands.

Welsh secretary David Jones said the UK Government is hoping to capitalise on Newport being in the public gaze by hosting the event in the same city following the international showcase.

He didn’t specify when it would take place but it’s understood it is likely to be held in a Newport venue around the end of November.

Mr Jones, who met with key figures involved in the summit’s organisation as well Newport MPs and council leader Bob Bright in the city yesterday, told the Argus: “After the summit itself we hope to capitalise on the fact that Newport has been in the public gaze by having a business conference.

“The planning process is being gone through but certainly it will be at a Newport venue... before the end of the year.”

The Argus asked if the Prime Minister David Cameron is to attend: “He would be expecting to do so yes.”

Mr Jones expressed wishes that defence related companies closely related to the Nato summit itself will be present, with the UK Government working with the Welsh Government and South Wales authorities like Swansea, Cardiff and Newport on the event.

Speaking at the Celtic Manor Resort Mr Jones defended the Nato summit logo, saying Newport wasn’t missing from it.

He said: “The Newport Transporter Bridge is an integral part of the logo... We were always clear from the outset that this was Wales’ opportunity to be in the spotlight.”

Jessica Morden, Labour MP for Newport East, said: “I think people do genuinely see it as a big opportunity for Newport. People have got practical questions, particularly businesses, about how disturbances might affect their businesses.

“The police have been very pro-active... There’s a lot of work going on that.”

Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, said: “This is a thrilling event. It’s a first time ever that a president of the United States will have ever visited the city.

“There will be enormous attention on the city. It will be a thrilling couple of days, but if there is some declaration we want to see that it is known as the Newport declaration.

“We’ve got to stop wallowing in the negatives,” he added.

The Nato summit takes place on September 4-5 at the Celtic Manor Resort.

David Jones later lost his position as Welsh Secretary in the cabinet re-shuffle