M4 relief road to follow this route:

South Wales Argus:

UPDATE: 5.43pm

Commenting on the Welsh Government’s decision to adopt the ‘black route’ when moving ahead with M4 relief, the shadow minister for transport, Tory Byron Davies AM, said the news was "a long time coming, today’s announcement at least shows progress and willing – finally.

“Make no mistake – the spades must start digging and businesses and travellers given the relief so sorely needed.

UPDATE: 5.23pm

Lindsay Whittle, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales East, who has opposed the development over the Gwent Levels, said:

“This is shocking news. The Welsh Government is proposing to spend £1bn of tax-payers’ money on this road and the costs will undoubtedly rise substantially higher in the years to come.”

UPDATE: 5.21pm

Friends of the Earth Cymru said the new motorway will "devastate" nationally important wildlife sites in the "beautiful and peaceful Gwent Levels" south of Newport, but will not be open to traffic for more than a decade.

A spokesman added the "massive cost will rule out other far less damaging options that could bring transport improvements to the area in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the price."

UPDATE: 5.17pm

The Federation of Small Businesses Wales said the Transport Minister’s M4 decision was a ‘billion pound mistake’.

A spokesman for the group said the ‘black route’ which the Minister has chosen to commit the Welsh Government to is "overly expensive, will take too long to deliver, and faces huge opposition from environmental groups."

He added: “It is deeply disappointing that the Minister has turned her back on the ‘blue route’ proposed by Professor Stuart Cole – a scheme which could provide an effective solution to the current problems on the M4 a full decade earlier than the scheme she is progressing and for around £600m less.

UPDATE: 5.02pm

Shadow Minister for Business and Enterprise and Gwent AM William Graham welcomed the announcement saying: "Over all these years I, together with the leading business organisations, have repeatedly called for a Relief Road, fully aware of the negative impact of traffic congestion approaching the Brynglas Tunnels and that it is key to the economic prosperity of South Wales”.

UPDATE: 4.57pm

Minister Edwina Hart said the Magor - Castleton route was chosen following the recent consultation. It will be built between junctions 23 and 29 south of Newport, alongside "complementary measures", which include:

• Reclassifying the existing M4 between Magor and Castleton
• An M4/M48/B4245 connection
• Providing cycling friendly infrastructure
• Providing walking friendly infrastructure

UPDATE: 4.53pm

The leader of transport group for Wales Sustrans Cymru, said, “£1billion for a new section of motorway is the wrong transport priority for Wales.

Jane Lorimer of Sustrans said: “Investment in public transport must be the priority for building a sustainable and efficient economy, yet the Welsh Government’s consultation on the need for an M4 relief road scheme didn’t take into account other proposals that will reduce demand, such as the Metro programme, or evidence showing that car use is now in decline.

UPDATE: 4.35pm

NEWPORT will get a new M4, but not until 2022, it was announced today.

The route chosen will take the motorway from the existing junctions 23 at Magor to 29 at Castleton, going through Newport docks. It is set to cost £1bn.