A DRUG user caught injecting heroin in the street has been given a community order.

Laura Hunt, 23, of York House, Newport, had already been sentenced for 30 offences and served time for shoplifiting in March, a court heard.

Hunt threw her heroin-filled syringe as police responded to a report of people taking drugs in Rosslyn Road, Newport, on Tuesday, magistrates were told.

The jobless mum later said she had only taken the drug for the last two weeks but admitted to having had a “serious drug problem” before going to prison, Newport magistrates heard on Wednesday.

Her solicitor, Alan Bolder, said she had moved to Newport after suffering domestic abuse in the Midlands.

She is currently on methadone and has received the support of the substance abuse charity Kaleidoscope, the court heard.

Police analysed the substance in the syringe and found it was diamorphine.

Hunt pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a class A drug.

Crown prosecutor Rob Simkins said she had committed 30 offences mainly for dishonesty, but stressed this was her first for drugs.

She was released from prison in May after service a six-week prison sentence for two shoplifting offences.

Newport magistrate Paul Webb said the offence was “serious enough” to impose a community order. She was given a nine-month order including supervision, £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. The drug must be forfeited and destroyed.