REGULAR users of the Southern Distributor Road in Newport will know that Argus photographs of overturned lorries on the route have become a frequent occurrence.

At the end of this year, the SDR will have been open to traffic for a decade.

During that time there have been almost 20 accidents involving overturned heavy goods vehicles. Each time they cause traffic chaos in Newport.

Yesterday yet another lorry overturned on the SDR.

There have been investigations and questions about the safety of the SDR over a number of years. Yet there still does not seem to be a definitive answer to why so many lorries overturn on a relatively short stretch of road.

The driver of the lorry involved in yesterday's incident has been arrested on suspicion of driving without due care and attention. The courts will decide whether he caused the accident.

But whether the road or drivers are to blame for every such incident on the SDR remains unresolved.

A definitive answer is needed, because there will be a tragedy on the road at some point in the future. It is remarkable that one has not occurred already.

If the design of the road is at fault, then it should be remedied.

If driver error is to blame, then lower speed limits and increased warning signs ahead of roundabouts need to be considered.

Doing nothing is not an option.