NEXT month's Nato summit in Newport will undoubtedly disrupt many people's lives for a few days.

There will be road and school closures and delays on the M4.

So we are delighted the organisers of the summit, backed by the city council, have come up with the idea of a one-day festival on the bank holiday weekend at the end of this month.

It is easy for ordinary Newport folk to feel the summit has little or nothing to do with them.

Now there will be an event that will help to bring to life a massive worldwide event for many people.

Of course, those who are against Nato and the summit will maintain their opposition, and we fully support their right to protest.

But we think many people will enjoy the activities planned for the city on August 23.

There will be food and drink from Nato countries, a sky-diving display from the Red Devils parachute team, and a fly-past by Second World War Spitfire and Hurricane planes.

Cynics will say this festival is a ploy to get Newportonians onside ahead of the summit.

They are right, of course. But we think some positivity around the meeting of world leaders is no bad thing.

It is a good idea and we hope it is well-supported by the people of Newport and the surrounding area.