A NEWPORT mum has raised more than £3,000 in a drive to find a cure for diabetes after her four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with the illness.

Olivia Allcock was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2012 and since then her mum and family have been tirelessly fundraising in the hope to cure the condition.

Now the dedicated mother is taking part in a walk in aid of Type 1 Diabetes UK charity JDRF on September 14.

The Allcock family has raised more than £3,000 since the diagnosis two years ago, which has been used to support medical research into the disease

Ms Allcock said: “With Olivia being so young she doesn’t understand the seriousness of the condition. Diabetes is constantly on my mind because she is not old enough to manage it herself.

Each day of living with Type 1 diabetes is unpredictable – even the weather can have a huge impact. We constantly have to monitor her condition and doing this can put huge pressure on our family.”

290,000 children in the UK live with Type 1 diabetes, which is not linked with lifestyle factors, and rely on multiple insulin injections or pump infusions to stay alive every day.

Ms Allcock said: “Raising money for JDRF means a lot to us so Olivia and all the other children living with the condition can one day lead a normal life again.”

She and her daughter will be joining hundreds of others at next month’s walk which will take place at Llandaff Campus in Cardiff.

Both little legs and more serious walkers will be invited to the optional 3k or 5k walk, which will also see refreshments, activities and crafts provided.

Danielle Angell, Regional Fundraiser for JDRF in Cardiff said: “The event is going to be a fantastic day out. It’s a great way for friends, family and colleagues to show support for those living with type 1 diabetes. Please join us by registering now for the walk – and by getting as many other people involved as possible.”