CHEPSTOW residents are calling for more to be done to stop speeding motorists using a narrow road as a short cut.

Pat Roache, 53, says Burnt Barn Road has seen an increase in traffic over the past few years – with some drivers reaching speeds of up to 50mph on the 30 mph road.

Mr Roache said residents fear there could be a fatal accident on the narrow road if action is not taken.

Two years ago, he organised a petition about the issue and sent it to Monmouthshire council, but he said he heard nothing back.

Mr Roache added: “I have gone out with a couple of my neighbours asking them [drivers] to slow down and we have been verbally abused.

“I am angry these people think they can do what they like.”

Mr Roache is also worried for the safety of his son Liam, 12, who is sometimes unsteady on his feet after undergoing an operation to realign his hip and knee.

He said many people’s pets have been killed or injured by cars and is worried it could be much worse.

“We are concerned somebody will be killed,” he said.

“Last night a couple of lads had their foot to the pedal tearing down here.”

Mr Roache said the road has several bends, with a blind spot near his home in Maple Avenue.

Now he and his fellow residents want Monmouthshire Council to put in substantial speed bumps.

In February our sister paper The Free Press said they were one of a number of measures proposed for consultation.

“We might sit or stand in the road as a protest.

“It is going to happen as we are getting fed up,”

said Mr Roach.

No-one at Monmouthshire council was available to comment.