A NEWPORT woman stole a pair of jeans, then spat at and bit the arm of a police community support officer who approached her, a court heard.

Sarah Gibbons, 31, of Gaer Vale, pleaded guilty to the theft of a £40 pair of leopard skin jeans from the city’s River Island store on Saturday.

Prosecutor Stella Westmacott told Caerphilly Magistrates Court that Gibbons had gone into the fashion shop’s changing rooms and removed the labels on the jeans.

Gibbons, captured on CCTV, left the store and was approached by a PCSO.

Ms Westmacott said Gibbons pushed her face towards the officer, spitting and threatening to “bite her eyelids off.”

She then bit the arm of the female PCSO. Other officers attended to make the arrest.

District judge John Charles politely told Gibbons to be quiet during Monday’s hearing, as she muttered under her breath.

Defence counsel Mike Sage told him his client has substantial problems and was subject to an ASBO but it was felt she couldn’t comply with it.

Doctors believed she was suffering from a personality disorder, he said. “She wishes to go to prison and feels it would help her clear her head.”

Gibbons was sentenced to 28 days for