AN ACTOR was murdered in a “prolonged, unrelenting and brutal beating” by a heroin addict who was in love with the same sex worker as him, a court heard.

Father of two Gary Suller, 45, was found dead in his home in Harold Street, Pontnewydd, on September 6 last year after being tied up and beaten.

Barry Bowyer, 38, of Llanon Houses, Croesyceiliog, went to a police station after attacking Mr Suller as he was already on bail for another offence and had to check in between midday and 2pm, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

On the opening day of Bowyer’s trial, the jury were told he has already admitted burglary and manslaughter of Mr Suller, but denies murder.

Prosecutor Peter Davies told the court when Bowyer attacked Mr Suller in his home, the two already knew each other and Mr Suller was “terrified” of Bowyer, who had sent him threatening text messages and would come to his house.

Mr Davies said: “They were not strangers, they were both in love with the same woman at that time.”

Both men were said to have loved Katie Gilmore, 27, of Newport.

Mr Suller, who had a history in sales, had been made redundant from his previous job and started updating the websites for massage parlours/ brothels in Newport, the court was told. Ms Gilmore was described as a “working girl” in one such place,who started there after getting out of prison in 2009 for drug offences.

The pair met and Mr Suller eventually asked her out and she accepted. Mr Suller sent her flowers and texts and tried to get her out of the lifestyle she was in but Ms Gilmore carried on using drugs and met Bowyer on a drugs rehabilitation course in October, 2010, the jury heard.

The court heard Bowyer and Ms Gilmore’s relationship revolved around sex and drugs as both had a heroin habit. Bowyer became more possessive of her and found out about her relationship with Mr Suller, and where he lived.

The court heard Ms Gilmore told police that Bowyer “wanted me to himself and no-one else” and if she didn’t get rid of Mr Suller, Bowyer said he would.

Mr Davies said Bowyer “detested” Mr Suller and broke into his home before hitting him on the head with a chair as he entered the living/ dining room area from his kitchen to knock him to the ground.

He then punched and stamped on him and smashed him round the head with a decanter and picture frame, jurors were told.

Mr Suller had his hands tied behind his back with the flex of an iron and his feet were bound with electrical cable.

Mr Davies said: “He was subjected to a prolonged, unrelenting and brutal beating by Barry Bowyer.”


Car and TV stolen following attack at man’s flat

THE court heard Bowyer left his home at around 9.30am on September 6, stopping at a pharmacy to collect his prescription of Subutex, a drug given to people trying to come off heroin.

He wore jeans and a white jacket underneath a pair of jogging bottoms and a dark grey jacket. Bowyer entered Mr Suller’s flat through a rear window after climbing over a padlocked gate.

He got inside and, because Mr Suller was out, locked the security chain over the front door.

When Mr Suller returned and could not get in, he went round the back and came into the house, which is when Bowyer attacked him.

Mr Suller, a father of two daughters and an actor who had appeared as an extra in Casualty and Mr Nice, suffered fractures to his skull, four fractured ribs and internal injuries.

When concerned friends raised the alarm and police forced their way into his home that afternoon, he was found dead.

After the robbery, Bowyer put DVDs into two black bin bags, took Mr Suller’s car keys and loaded his 42in flat screen TV into the stolen Ford Mondeo before driving to the police station, then Newport, where he sold the stolen goods at Cash Generator for £205.

He also took £8 from Mr Suller’s pockets.