NEWPORT’s new zero tolerance approach to dog owners who allow their pets to foul the city’s streets and parks is to be applauded.

But how many people will actually be on the receiving end of a £75 fine from the city council?

Judging by the state of many pavements in the city there will be fines galore handed out now the council has decided to stop issuing offenders with a warning.

But catching dog owners in the act, as it were, will be the stumbling block for this tough new regime.

Most streets in Newport, particularly those that form part of popular dog walking routes, are littered with mess. There is little evidence, however, of those who fail to clean up after their pets being caught and dealt with appropriately.

Likewise, head to any of the city’s parks and you will see dogs galore running free despite clear signage that they must be kept on leads at all times. And how often are their owners held responsible for breaking the rules?

Most dog owners are responsible people. But there are a significant minority of people who fail to act with any kind of responsibility or duty of care to others when out in public with their pets.

If Newport’s new zero tolerance approach cracks down on such people then we are all for it.

But we suspect the numbers fined will be minimal.