A LITTLE girl from Cwmbran who was born three months prematurely and weighing just 1lb 8oz experienced her first day at school yesterday.

Mikka Todd, four, from Thornhill, was born 12 weeks early, and parents Anna and Hugh were told she had only a 50 per cent chance of survival.

Mrs Todd, 35, said: “When she was born three months early, it was scary. She had a lot of problems, and had to have three blood transfusions.

“She was in hospital for three months and there was a point when we thought we weren’t going to bring her home.

“But since she came out of hospital she’s just become stronger and stronger. She’s strong-willed and talkative, and considering what could have been, she hasn’t got any problems at all.”

Mikka, who can already read and write, started at Woodland Primary in Thornhill, and joined the mixed-ability class of Year 1 and reception pupils.

Mikka still sees a physiotherapist every six months and is small for her age, but has no other physical health problems.

Mrs Todd said: “I just can’t believe it. I saw her stop breathing entirely once, which was horrible, and now I look at her and just think how lucky we are.

“When it comes to her physical abilities she’s still a bit wobbly, but academically she’s doing really well.

“I just want to let other parents know, who are in the same position as we once were, that some children do make it without any serious health problems.

“We really count our blessings.”

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