A TEAM from Newport Film School is asking student sex workers in Gwent to contact them.

The school is appealing for anyone who has worked or has ever considered working in the sex industry while a student to contact them.

The school was given a £55,000 grant in January to produce a social action film drama which explores student involvement in the sex industry.

A team of 20 staff and students from Newport University will take part in the project.

The film will form a key part of research into student sex workers in Wales by Swansea University.

The project comes as research reveals more students than ever are turning to sex work to fund their studies Professor Christopher Morris, a BAFTA award winning film director who is leading the project for Newport Film School, said: “Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“We won’t use any names and everything said will be completely anonymous.

“All we want is to gather information about people’s experiences, and what we get from the students will dictate which direction the film will take. It’s not about saying sex work is a bad thing, but to understand why students do it.

“When people hear the words ‘sex industry’ they immediately think of people paying for sex.

“But we are asking for people who have worked in all aspects of the industry, as strippers, on webcams, sex lines or anything to do with the sex industry, to contact us.”

Contributions will be gathered and written into a script in the next couple of months.

The school will begin filming in autumn 2013.

If you would like to contribute, email Prof Morris on Chris .Morris@newport.ac.uk