DARREN Williams was jailed for four months in 2004 after police found weapons in his home.

He lived on Brynglas Drive with his wife, 21-year-old stepson and 16-year-old son.

Neighbours said the family moved into the house around ten years ago.

After their split, Mr Williams moved out a number of weeks ago, with the house being put up for sale around three weeks ago.

A neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said that Mr Williams liked bodybuilding, shooting, his dogs and collecting weapons: “anything that could do somebody some harm.”

Williams was jailed for four months in July 2004 after police discovered an arsenal of weapons at his Brynglas Drive home.

In a drawer under his bed, officers found a stun gun, a .22 pistol, CS gas canisters and bullets designed to explode on impact.

There were also knuckledusters, pellets, a machete, an extendable baton, a hunter’s knife, several flick and lock knives and a rifle.

In a statement, his family said: “Darren has suffered for the last few weeks due to the traumatic break-up of his marriage and desperately needed professional medical attention.’’