The November meeting was once again held in St Michael’s church as repair work was being done at Pandy Hall. At the meeting a very informative talk was given by Robert Davies of Homemakers Recycling Centre Abergavenny. The organisation was formed in 2001 by members of The Friends of the Earth, in a bid to stop furniture being dumped into landfill sites. Currently they are based in St. Michael’s Road Abergavenny. Furniture will be collected, and if deemed suitable for sale, a fee of £10 is payable for removal, for a large item. Not all items are suitable for sale and, if taken to Homemakers by their owners, may be refused. The money is ploughed back into the business and the aim is to recycle 100% of the goods accepted, and therefore reduce landfill. The team are happy to give talks to community groups, and visit schools where they find that pupils are very willing to join in with recycling and the schools are very committed to educating the children in this way.

Even with items which have not sold, any recyclable materials will be stripped and sold on- for instance metal from old school chairs and tables. Non-saleable items from house clearances are sorted and broken down into recyclable materials and disposed of accordingly. Nothing goes to landfill! The service is available to all Monmouthshire residents, and Homemakers can be contacted on 01873 857618. or, Contact cards are also now available locally in the Skirrid Garage shop.