NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE: It has been a long battle over a period of seven years, but finally the groundwork construction for the services is finally taking place within the school grounds.

From meetings in a house on Somerton estate the community group known as RASCAL has developed to bring forward a community house and now the conclusion, the goal of a new community centre.

RASCAL, headed by local chairman Sandy Phelps, local Alway councillors and officers from Newport city council have finally brought about the final dream, which at times has been charted through tempestuous seas.

The facility is being built in the grounds of Somerton School and has been funded from a mixture of sources both public and private.

The centre will be a focal point for the area regeneration and will support local community groups, development, employment and training facilities as well as leisure and sporting facilities.

The centre will feature four specific areas: A multi-use area for recreation, cultural and educational activities and a creche area, which will allow the development of a community business and help to deliver training, computer facilities with modern equipment to provide up-to-date training, and a café area with healthy eating options for the community.