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Pregnant teenager Nikitta Grender was found dead at her Lliswerry home after a fire in February last year.

Carl Whant, 27, of no fixed address, stands accused of the rape and murder of Miss Grender on February 5 last year. He is also accused of arson and child destruction. He denies all the charges.

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RT @kevward7: The front page of today's 12-page #nikitta murder background supplement, free with @southwalesargus Thu Feb 23 09:33:07

RT @kevward7: The front page of today's @southwalesargus print edition. Thu Feb 23 09:32:59

RT @kevward7: Full reaction to today's #nikitta murder trial verdict in tomorrow's @southwalesargus - including 12-page background suppl ... Wed Feb 22 14:22:38

We hope it will help the family get on with their lives #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:11:06

We are acutely aware that today's conviction will not bring back #nikitta and Kelsey-May #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:10:46

CPS David Wooler: it was extremely important that the death of Kelsey-May was dealt with in it's own right #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:09:39

We were dealing with a very callous individual #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:08:46

The 35 year sentence is the longest sentence I can remember in my time at the police. It reflects the crime committed by Whant #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:08:29

This has been a harrowing ordeal for #nikitta's family. They should be commended for how they have dealt with this Wed Feb 22 12:07:31

We have been dedicated to do our upmost to get justice for #nikitta and her daughter Kelsey-May Wed Feb 22 12:06:58

Det chief supt Geoff Royane are satisfied with the results today #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:06:24

We will never deal with the events that have happened. #nikitta will remain in our hearts forever Wed Feb 22 12:05:49

The last year has been as hard as you can imagine #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:05:12

Michael Brunnock: on behalf of her family we would like to thanks Gwent police and prosecution #nikitta Wed Feb 22 12:04:45

#nikitta's uncle Tredegar Park councillor Michael Brunnock is to read a statement on behalf of her parents and Ryan Mayes Wed Feb 22 11:59:10

Awaiting family statements outside the court #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:56:52

See tomorrow's @southwalesargus for a 12 page backgrounder detailing the case #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:46:05

#nikitta trial is over. Family and friends comfort each other outside the court room Wed Feb 22 11:42:35

#nikitta's parents Marcia Grender and Paul Brunnock comfort Ryan Mayes in the public gallery Wed Feb 22 11:40:40

Judge: Whant is to serve a minimum of 35 years #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:36:58

Judge: I sentence you to life imprisonment #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:36:07

Judge: you set fire to her body and deprived her family and Ryan the chance to see her face one last time #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:35:36

Judge: the starting point for sentence must be 30 years #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:34:37

Judge: you fancied #nikitta and went to her flat armed with a knife. You overpowered her Wed Feb 22 11:34:01

Judge: the reasons for these offences may never become clear #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:33:28

Judge: You are a calculated individual #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:33:06

Judge: you have shown no remorse and even took flowers to the Grender household #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:32:30

Judge: their grief more deep because you tried to say you had consensual sex with her #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:31:56

Judge: the murder of #nikitta and unborn child left her family Ryan Mayes and her friend bereft Wed Feb 22 11:31:14

Mr Kinch says Whant has no background of violence or sexual assault & asked the judge to take that into account when sentencing #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:30:16

Judge Mr Justice Griffith Williams says there are aggravating factors in this case #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:29:19

Defence barrister Christopher Kinch QC says the judge must consider whether a 30 year prison sentence could be imposed #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:27:48

Court told Whant has previous convictions for shoplifting and burglary #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:25:38

Whant sits impassive in the dock. No visible reaction from him since the verdict was given #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:24:45

Many members of the public gallery are crying #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:23:53

Carl Whant is found guilty on all four changes of rape, murder, child destruction and arson #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:22:57

It is the verdict of them all #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:21:54

Verdict: arson - guilty Wed Feb 22 11:21:08

Verdict: child destruction - guilty Wed Feb 22 11:21:03

Verdict: murder - guilty Wed Feb 22 11:20:58

Verdict: rape - guilty Wed Feb 22 11:20:56

Judge is telling the public gallery there must be no disturbance. He says he understands this is a moment of extreme emotion #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:20:16

Judge is brought back into court #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:19:33

People are having to stand at the back of the court as there is not enough room #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:18:07

Packed public gallery and press bench here #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:17:12

We understand a verdict has been reached #nikitta Wed Feb 22 11:13:46

Jury in the #nikitta trial are coming back into court. Not sure yet if they have reached a verdict Wed Feb 22 11:12:55

Jury have retired again to continue deliberations #nikitta Wed Feb 22 10:20:12

Jury in #nikitta trial are being brought into court for jury bailiffs to be sworn in again. They will then retire to continue deliberations Wed Feb 22 10:19:17

At Newport Crown Court with @ArgusAChalk waiting for a verdict in the #nikitta trial. Follow me for live coverage when it happens Wed Feb 22 09:19:01