VISITORS on the SuperDragon trail this summer will be confronted by a creation that’s out of this world.

Sci-fi fanatic, John Williams, 44, from Allt-yr-yn, has created a Cyber Dragon for the trail, which will launch around Newport from July 2.

Mr Williams’ dragon has taken in excess of 400 hours of loving dedication to complete, as he has added more elements to the original dragon structure.

The armourplated roboticlooking dragon has electronic circuits built in to his wings and visitors should be able to spot an icon straight out of Mr Williams’ favourite show. “There’s a tardis on the dragon’s wing and a carved tear drop under the dragon’s eye like the Cybermen in Doctor Who. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, I have a tardis I built inmyback garden.”

Mr Williams, a design engineer by trade, was encouraged to take part by his wife, Fiona, after seeing an advert about the project in the Argus.

“I don’t work in art but I went to art college for four years and I like to try and keep creative,” he said.

“My wife encouraged me to have a go but she hasn’t seen a lot of me as a result and we had to sacrifice our front room for the dragon.

Initially I had a bedroomearmarked for him but we couldn’t get him up the stairs.”

Mr Williams’ dragon will be in Seren housing group’s offices in the city centre, and is set to become something of a local celebrity.

“I went down to see them recently and I hear the Cyber Dragon is going to have his own Facebook page and Twitter account whichwill be updated as his own sort of diary. I think there is going to be a pin board too where children’s drawings of the dragon will be pinned up so I’mreally chuffed with where it’s going.

“I’ve never really experienced people viewing my art before so it feels great to be involved,” he said.