GAVIN and I go head-to-head with Adrien Broner and his camp today for the first time and I warn you there is a good chance we’ll end up walking out.

This guy isn’t just being described as the next Floyd Mayweather because he’s a good boxer – and lord knows his defence isn’t on the same level – but because he’s already proved himself a world class trash talker.

Broner is the kind of guy to talk about himself in the third person “Adrien Broner’s going to do this”, and who thinks nothing of saying offensive things to get attention. That isn’t us, not at all, we are respectful people.

To be honest, I think we’re both ready to get out of NYC full stop, wonderful city that it is.

It’s been rather strange for Gavin and I to try to establish a routine in New York. Although we’re used to training on a daily basis and have come to enjoy one another’s company, it’s still weird spending 24/7 together. But that’s how it’s been for the past three weeks.

The important thing is that Gavin has adjusted well to the time zone change, much better than I have and he’s able to sleep through at night, which I’ve struggled with.

We are both early risers – most people in boxing are in my experience – but I’m the one who makes the breakfast, getting Gavin his porridge with fresh fruit and everything else to ensure he starts the day right.

As I’ve already mentioned, Gavin has had a bit of a problem with injury in recent days so we’ve curtailed the sparring and it’s a good job because it’s costing us a fortune! There’s such a culture of ‘what’s in it for me’ in America.

As soon as we walked into a gym to do some sparring we were being charged for use, something I’ve never experienced in the UK. When Gavin goes to spar with Gary Buckland, Tony Borg doesn’t then expect me to pay his running costs for the day! But that’s America for you and it’s a shame we’re all about business because I really love the city.

I’ve been to New York twice previously, once as part of the Welsh press for Joe’s fight with Roy Jones Jr when we had an amazing time, and once with my lovely wife who more than deserved a trip after I came back raving about how great it is.

We are doing our best to keep Gavin occupied when he’s not training. We’ve had Wi-Fi at the apartment and last week Liam Williams came out to do some training which was good company for Gavin.

What you might be surprised about is that Gavin did all the cooking for him and Liam while he was here. He takes his nutrition incredibly seriously these days.