TEAM Wales stars took the nation’s Glasgow 2014 medal tally to 20 this morning with a silver for team captain Aled Davies and a bronze in the lawn bowls.

Davies, the world record holder and Paralympic champion in the F42 men’s discus, was disappointed to miss out on gold.

England’s Dan Greaves, an F44 class athlete, just edged the Welshman into the silver medal position in the combined points system.

“It was a tough one,” said an emotional Davies. “Coming in I was aiming for gold and I knew I was capable of winning but I also knew it would be close between me and Dan.

“I managed to take the lead early on but Dan came out and bettered my throw. It was so close and I’m disappointed because I wanted it so much.

“I’ve never wanted to win anything more in my life and maybe that turned into a bit of a negative.

“I’m happy with my performance but you always think you could have thrown further.

“I’ve been in such good form in the past few years but with the combined with the points it was always going to be tough.

“I’m devastated and I just hope I haven’t let people down.”

Davies hopes that by the time of the next Commonwealth Games in Australia in 2018 there will be separate F42 and F44 events.

“The points system was as fair as it can be,” said the 23-year-old. “Myself and Dan are both excited to be involved in the Commonwealth Games.

“Not many para-sports are so it’s exciting and hopefully participation levels will grow as well and we can have a single event.”

In the lawn bowls there were celebrations for Welshmen Marc Wyatt, Jonathan Tomlinson and Paul Taylor after they beat Australia 16-13 to win bronze in the men’s triples competition.

“It's absolutely fantastic after the disappointment of missing out on gold or silver yesterday. Thankfully we got what we came for,” said Wyatt.

“These two guys have been fantastic all week. We came here to do a job and we've done the job.”

On Australia coming back after trailing early on, Wyatt added: “Coming from the southern hemisphere, you know that they're good players.

“You know sooner or later that they're going to come back into it, so we had to hold our nerve, stay calm and make sure we played no rushed shots.

“We've got to go back out and play later (in the fours), so there are no celebrations yet, just a bit of lunch.

“I'll have a chance to bring myself back down to earth and I don't want to sound too cocky but the boys are playing well and we can win another medal.”