WHAT have Shane Williams and yours truly got in common?

Very little, actually - he is an all-time great wing, I never aspired beyond Newport HSOB; he’s a mere 34, I’m almost double that age.

But on Saturday we share one thing. It will be our final international. While Shane will be making his 87th appearance for Wales it will be my 280th; his international career spans 11 years, mine 42; he has played under seven Welsh coaches, I’ve worked with 18 of the 19 Wales have had.

For both of us, though, it’s time to say goodbye and whereas Shane will carry on playing at regional level, I’ll be stopping for good.

One more Rodney Parade appearance next month, in the Press box at least, and more than four decades will be at an end.

Saturday is going to be an emotional day all round.

But there is no truth in the rumour that Shane Williams and myself are running out on to the Millennium Stadium pitch together! He has lit the place up just a bit more than me.

He deserves a glowing send-off, I’ll content myself with a post-match reception nearby with many friends and colleagues.

But for both it’s going to be a sad occasion.