NEWPORT County’s board of directors admit they’ve been stung by criticism over the appointment of chief executive Dave Boddy.

The Newport board have watched on aghast as Boddy’s appointment has been mercilessly scrutinised.

On the Exiles messageboard, the former Worcester City chairman was even compared to former County chairman Jerry Sherman who presided over the club folding.

Much of the criticism is as a result of Newport not advertising the position and some critics have made clear that certain Worcester City fans don’t have a high opinion of Boddy.

However, County director Howard Greenhaf believes Boddy is the right man for the role and is hopeful he will prove to be a big success.

“I’ve seen all the stuff written online about Dave, it has taken us by surprise to be honest,” he said.

“We didn’t advertise for the role, but we didn’t advertise for the jobs when Tim Harris or Justin Edinburgh were appointed either.

“What I will admit is that this appointment should have happened sooner.

“The problem on that front is that during the summer, I was the only director who didn’t walk away from the club and we were dealing with the move to Rodney Parade.

“A chief executive is a vital appointment, the consortium (who tried to come on board at County, led by Matt Southall) thought so too and as far as I am aware, they also wouldn’t have advertised for the job.” Greenhaf feels that the present board of directors have earned more goodwill from supporters than the online criticism suggests.

“To be honest, it does sting because I honestly don’t know how much more we could’ve done this season,” he said.

“We have appointed a new chairman with passion for the club and money to invest in us, we have several new people on the board and we are negotiating to stay at Rodney Parade for another ten years.

“Yet despite all that it seems a certain section just don’t trust us to do what is right for the club.

“We are challenging for promotion and looking to strengthen the squad.

“We feel that Dave’s appointment just adds to an already exciting season.”

Greenhaf reiterated that two members of County’s Supporters’ Trust sat in on the interviews with Boddy, making clear that the ex-Conference man was interviewed three times for the position.

However, Greenhaf was also at pains to point out that Boddy was no stranger to the Rodney Parade hierarchy.

“We’ve all worked with Dave for a year, we deal with the Conference a lot and we’ve watched him in his role, we know how he operates,” he said.

“We like him, we are comfortable working with him, we believe he will do a good job.

“His explanation for his time at Worcester is satisfactory to us.

“But even so, there are many, many successful local business people in this area who I could mention who haven’t made a huge success of every venture they’ve been involved with.

“We feel Dave has expertise of the Conference, passion and knowledge for football and feel we can work with him.

“That’s why we appointed him.”