AS WORD of the Chepstow Baked Potato spreads, more businesses in the town are making the most of what has proven to be an unlikely tourist attraction.

The art installation, placed in Chepstow to commemorate 10 years of the Wales coastal path, has received widespread derision after it was pointed out that it resembled a "giant baked potato".

After news that independent craft shop Pig and Pip, on the town's high street, had begun selling potato-themed souvenirs, it wasn't long before other businesses thought up ideas of their own.

Now, sweet shop Château Bonbon has joined the potato promotion

Owner Wendy Taylor said: "Some of the businesses in Chepstow were a little disappointed that more was not made of the arrival of the pebble in town.

"I think that it's close resemblance to a jacket potato has given a few of us some ideas of how we can promote it and also Chepstow - we need all the help we can get at the moment."

Château Bonbon specialises in taking a "slightly different take on sweets", according to Ms Taylor.

South Wales Argus: Baked potato pick n' mix

"We make sweet cakes, sweet trees, chocolate dogs and bugs, sweet flags etc," she said.

"So a pic 'n' mix potato was the obvious choice for us."

The foil-clad sweet treats have already proven to be a hit with visitors and Ms Taylor says she hopes to stock them at the town's Tourist Information Centre in the future.

"It’s really taken off," she said, "lots of positive comments and strong sales.

"At just £1 per potato it’s an affordable souvenir of Chepstow."

How much did the Chepstow Baked Potato cost?

The sculpture was unveiled as part of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of the Wales Coast Path on Monday, March 27.

Monmouthshire County Council has revealed that the Chepstow Baked Potato set them back £6,000.

If we take a normal-sized baked potato to cost around £5, that equates to a veritable banquet of 1,200 baked potatoes.