I WAS interested to read Shaun McGuire’s reply to mine after he somewhat ‘suggested’ that Newport Independents Party ‘could be’ responsible for the graffiti at the riverside. He is now saying that he never said that at all.

If he didn’t say it, it was a pretty good imitation of what he meant. Everyone I know came to the same conclusion that he blamed NIP.  I just can’t believe he is denying it.

I have no intention of continuing this dialogue as readers are well able to draw their own conclusions as to if or if not he meant NIP.  So Mr Mac there is no need for you to abuse me needlessly and I still haven’t seen your reply of apology to Mr Whitehead and the NIP!

If you are not continuing this issue why and what for are you going to the Ombudsman for? 

Jim Dyer 
Stockton Road