Flesrouy ti yrt

1:10pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

I HAD to smile when I read the article on the Dylan Thomas-inspired painting Llaregyb (Argus August 28). Llaregyb is the Welsh spelling of Dylan’s fictional village of Llareggub, a product of his wicked sense of humour. I wonder how many people realise that Llareggub can be spelt backwards – try it &and see what you get! He did the same with the town of Llamedos.

Moral poser

1:08pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

THE RADICAL Jihadist group ISIS, now calling itself ‘The Islamic State,’ is terrorising Syria and& Iraq, sending a chill into the hearts of innocents all around them, with a message to convert to their way of life or die. What sane person would want to join this group and convert to their way of life where to dissent is to die? This evil group as been condemned around the world, but it has one good effect (if possible) making us look at ourselves and our way of life, and where we stand against moral evil in our own country (some implemented by bad laws). Do we make a stand when called to declare who we are, and what we believe and what we live for? And where do we draw the line against moral evil, and say, ‘here our paths diverge, and here I make my stand’? N Plaisted, Vivian Road Newport

Flagging it up

1:07pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

THE LETTER from Mr Hayes certainly rings true. Newport is in need of a banner that reflects its widely-held image to the greater advantage. This is particularly pressing in view of the impending Nato summit at the Celtic Manor, which despite all protestations to the contrary, still remains within the city boundaries. A logo would also not go amiss and one which, this time, specifically represents Newport rather than Wales as a non-participatory whole.

Hospital thanks

1:05pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

I FELT compelled to write and record my thanks for the care and attention I received on Ward B7 Malpas at the Royal Gwent Hospital when I underwent a hysterectomy on August 18th.

It's all about oil

1:05pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

CARWYN JONES suggests he would have a veto over an arrangement over the currency. Mr Jones, you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Mr Jones isn’t in a position to block anything and Westminster can’t stop Scotland using the pound, the pound is an independent currency like the dollar. Then the questions is the debt and North Sea oil. Keeping the pound would enable Scotland to pay its debt. While North Sea oil would last long enough to put Scotland on its independent feet. UK governments haves used North Sea oil to borrow against and that’s why the London government don’t want Scotland to leave.

Vote Ukip and Labour will win

1:02pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

FOLLOWING the European Elections, there was plenty of boisterous talk from UKIP about how they would be challenging for Westminster seats in South Wales. Now though, we see that their target list contains exclusively English seats.

Let's thank Nato

1:56pm Monday 1st September 2014

I BELIEVE Cllr Ray Davies’s visceral opposition to Nato (Argus August 28) is very misplaced. Unlike my father and grandfather, I belong to that very lucky post-war generation that has never faced a European war and the free nations of Europe standing together with the United States after 1945 deserve our thanks. It was Nato that defended Berlin against a Soviet blockade through a massive airlift and countered a further land grab by Stalin. That is celebrated annually in the city and something we should still take pride in.

Wasted chance

1:56pm Monday 1st September 2014

WHEN I first heard that the Nato Summit would be held in Newport, I have to admit, I was mildly depressed. In 2012, we were in the US when the last one was held in Chicago.

Save our silence

1:39pm Monday 1st September 2014

ONE DAY last week I was walking through the Kingsway Centre, when I suddenly realised something was different. There was no piped music. I sat on the seat opposite the new post office and enjoyed the atmosphere. All that could be heard was the sound of humanity, the sound of walking feet, the murmur of conversation, an occasional cheery greeting called out and, best of all, the sound of children playing.

Humour bypass

1:38pm Monday 1st September 2014

I HAVE the greatest sympathy for Councillor Mike Harris who allegedly used the term Muzzy on a social networking site. Harassed and persecuted by fools, who spend their small-minded lives hanging on every word uttered by public figures, in wait for the opportunity to wield their sad Euro Looney hatchets in the pursuit of mindless political correctness.

Bad impression

12:05pm Friday 29th August 2014

RECENTLY we have been repeatedly told how good the NATO summit will be for tourism in Wales. After travelling between the Celtic Manor and Cardiff City Centre last night, I for one would certainly be put off visiting the area as a tourist.

Changes needed

12:04pm Friday 29th August 2014

DO WE need the House of Lords? I would say yes, but it has to be reformed to be taken seriously. As a legislature it’s being compared for its size - to China’s National People’s Congress, which is the largest legislature in the world, the Lords is the second largest. The big difference being the communist Chinese can claim that their version is elected - if only from one party. The Lords isn’t elected at all. The main political parties talk tough, and with forked tongue about Lords reform but carry on selling titles, to wealthy donors, a few newsworthy names to sweeten the pill, and also titles given to politicians pass their sell by date, belittling those who are in the House by honest endeavour. David Cameron has created 151 peers since 2010 surprising considering at the same time he was arguing that the elected Commons should be reduced by 50 MPs. (yet to happen) The reform needed to the House of Lords is that the numbers should be cut down to 500, that the Lords should take some responsibility for their own destiny, there should be a cut off age, and those who do not fulfil an attendance requirement should be excluded not from their titles, but from their deliberations. 30 pieces of silver comes to mind at this moment in time. N Plaisted Vivian Road Newport

No peace for me

12:03pm Friday 29th August 2014

ON SATURDAY last I was enjoying the festival on the riverfront at Newport. However when I went to enter the centre I was accosted by two female peace protestors. When I made it clear that I was in favour of Nato, one of the protestors kept yelling at me, ‘shame,shame’ and this was very close to my face. I turned and walked away but the shouting continued. I ran back and told her not to speak to me like that, but to no avail.

Too late on move

12:03pm Friday 29th August 2014

I HAVE read recent letters criticising the new location of the main post office. During the consultation period for the move, only 27 responses were received, including some supportive of the move.

NHS struggling

12:02pm Friday 29th August 2014

THE FEARS of some of your contributors about privatisation of the NHS are misplaced and politicised.

New dark age

12:01pm Friday 29th August 2014

THE LETTER by Ms Poyser regarding Lord Winton’s proposals for the health service certainly touched a nerve. Not that any doctor in his proposed future would dream of treating such an injury or indeed anything else for less than £200, before even referring the patient to a specialist. Who knows what the final bill would amount to or how a pensioner or unemployed person could hope to afford it. I am sure that no respectable practitioner would wish to hear a patient tell him, ‘I’m sorry I can’t come to see you next week, I simply can’t find the money’. Or perhaps I’m wrong and we are heading for a new dark age of holistic shamanism and hedge-wizardry.

Easy targets

10:51am Thursday 28th August 2014

I RECENTLY read more rantings from Councillor Davies. As usual, he attacks the West, Britain and America because it’s safe and easy to do that. Devoid of many facts, he plays right into the hands of the Jihadists murdering Christians in Iraq. He is a coward.

Scots go for it

10:50am Thursday 28th August 2014

IN A few weeks’s time, the people of Scotland will make a monumental decision about the future of their country. The choice is stark: to play second-fiddle in a union run by out-of-touch politicians in London, or to join the world community on equal terms, run their own affairs, and have the ability in their own hands to create a better future for all the people of Scotland.

Unfair challenge

10:49am Thursday 28th August 2014

I WAS told at the tip it would now cost £36 pounds to unload my five packs of laminate flooring, some underlay and a few garden chairs and a few other bits from my own DIY — and that’s the starting price, if you own a pick-up like me. I’m not a builder, there is no advertising, it’s for my own use. I have log burners: that’s my main reason. Many familiesys now have pick-ups crew cabs ect etc for the kids. Toys and bikes can fit in the back. P as well as people that use them to take off-road mx bikes taking them to legal riding places.

Short memories

10:48am Thursday 28th August 2014

I STARTED to read the letter from Councillor G Kirby, obviously with concern for the large number of people in debt.

Nothing fun about wars

10:46am Thursday 28th August 2014

AS THE day of the Nato summit drew near, the Household Cavalry, air force, police and special branch descended on Newport It was to be a fun family day, with displays of Nato’s murderous weapons and machinery of death, a food fair with a Nato theme, and Red Devils fly by. But Côr Cochion, CND Cymru, Palestine Solidarity and the Stop Nato/No NatoNewport campaigns were there, calling for the money spent on endless wars to be invested instead in our health service, schools, and jobs.

Selfish parking

12:58pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

RE the story in the News in briefs (the Argus, Aug 25) about Gwent Police advising residents not to park in the bus stop on Tredegar Street, Risca, or they risk a £30 penalty notice. Will this penalty notice also be applicable to those motorists who persistently park on the footpaths in Risca, forcing pedestrians to risk their safety and walk in the road? There are parking facilities in the town, but ignored by some inconsiderate motorists who find it more convenient to themselves to park where it will cause problems and risk the safety of others. M. Redgers, Mt Pleasant Rd Risca

Not in Newport

12:57pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

I KNEW it was only a matter of time before some dope on the 8 o’clock Today programme on Radio Four referred to the forthcoming Nato summit in Newport as being held in Cardiff!

Dialysis danger

12:56pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

WITH reference to the article ‘Nato Disrupts Dialysis Patients’ (The Argus, Aug 23), I was appalled to read that this event will have a knock-on effect on patients who receive dialysis treatment.

Nato fence flaw

12:56pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

AS I WAS driving along the motorway yesterday, I couldn’t help but admire the huge fence that has been erected in order to protect world leaders at the Nato conference.

Any chemists?

12:55pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

NOT that I use it very much, but today I needed to phone a chemist. A pretty simple task you would think? Well it’s not – unless you already have the name of the chemist you want to call.

Thanks to ward

12:55pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

I AM writing this letter to thank Mr Stephenson, Dr Hussain and the team at neurological ward B4 at Heath Hospital, Cardiff.

Scrap the tolls

12:54pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

I GET tired of hearing from our political parties about the tolls on the Severn Bridge and how they will get rid of them or lower them when in office.

Black bag anger

12:53pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

BLAENAU GWENT council’s executive members will shortly be considering a foolish proposal to change black bag collections from fortnightly to three weekly.

Say no to Nato

12:52pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

WHO is to blame for the Nato summit being held here? I need names so I can do my best to vote them out of office.

Support shows

12:51pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

THE UK Independence Party recently attended the Bedwellty Agricultural Show, which took place on 16th August.

Debt concerns

12:51pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

ACCORDING to a report by the Children’s Society and the StepChange debt charity, more than a quarter of all families in Islwyn suffer serious debt problems.

Celebrating age

12:50pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

AGE CYMRU’S Age Positive Week 2014 Age Cymru is Wales’s largest and leading charity for older people.

What a clown

12:49pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

YET again we have another gem from Newport Highways as work which is being carried out in Duffryn hasn’t been thought out.

Smell the coffee

12:48pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

FURTHER to the letter from C. Pearce (August 7) I will add that the local community officers in Newport are just as ‘friendly’ and useless! Two instances: I am a regular in an Italian coffee shop at the top of Bridge Street. Two community officers are in there almost every day for a lengthy, chatty coffee break. By now on ‘nodding terms’ I asked if their patch included Brynhyfryd Road, they replied ‘yes’ so I enquired why there was a certain car parked on double yellow lines outside Stow Park Church all day, every day, that never collects a parking ticket.

Whose fault?

12:47pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

WHO is responsible for the horrific beheading of the US journalist James Foley in Syria?

Save the NHS

11:37am Friday 22nd August 2014

PEOPLE in this country are rightly proud of the NHS, and many are angry at its creeping privatisation now being introduced.

Don't criticise

11:35am Friday 22nd August 2014

WHEN Councillor John Hopkins was leader of Blaenau Gwent Council he presided over a failure in social services.

Ditch the tolls

11:35am Friday 22nd August 2014

THE Severn Bridge tolls must be abolished of course!

Job question

11:34am Friday 22nd August 2014

FURTHER to the letter from C. Pearce (August 7) I will add that the local community officers in Newport are just as ‘friendly’ and useless!

Anger at Nato

11:33am Friday 22nd August 2014

EXACTLY who will be receiving the newly-minted Nato medals? Councillor Bob Bright and co? Paul Flynn? Or maybe the workers at Celtic manor who are being paid the minimum wage by billionaire owner Sir Terry Matthews?

Crocodile tears

2:04pm Thursday 21st August 2014

I AM most amused to see Labour councillors who voted for cuts to public services now crying crocodile tears over the fact that they chose to adhere to the dictates of the capitalist neo-liberalist austerity programme enacted out with such callous viciousness by the Con/Dem government! Remember it was the Labour party who bailed out the bankers/financial institutions with trillions of pounds worth of public monies. Now we are told to embrace austerity (mass unemployment, low wages, food banks and cuts to welfare and public services etc) whilst the mega rich global 0.001 per cent make vast profits by exploiting us!

Stop disruption

2:03pm Thursday 21st August 2014

WITH regards to S Bird’s letter on 8th August 8. I have a loud voice and probably speak for not only St Julians ward residents, but Brynglas, Malpas and Allt-yr-yn who endured the building of the M4 and the blasting of the tunnels and all the disruption and inconvenience it has brought to these areas for the past 50 years, not to mention the fumes and and constant noise. In St Julian’s, we have also had to put up with the building of the slip road to and from the M4 and the access road to Sainsbury’s and Cwmbran. bank Street suffers wit the traffic to the indoor bowling which shouldn’t be there in the first place.A council idea without consultation with residents, a school which should not have been sited there. the residents are not listened to. Now we have a nightmare with traffic building from 8.30am, again at 2.30pm and Edwards Coaches parking in Station Road with their engines running, waiting to pick up and drop off children. They are too big to go over the railway bridge which is the only access to lots of schools and the indoor bowling. Over the past 50 years, the quality of our lives has been greatly affected by noise, pollution and inconvenience. The M4 should never have been situated where it is. This loud voice says “no more” building or blasting in these areas. Our homes and roads cannot take any more strain. I forgot to mention we not only have the M4, but also the main Manchester and Holyhead railway lines running at the bottom of our gardens in Stockton Road to add to the pollution and noise. With all the fumes, we still have a few nonagenarians living in the area who are very active and breathing well!

Delay over injury

2:03pm Thursday 21st August 2014

WATCHING a local football side today and a player who was warming up fell awkwardly and hurt his back. He was helped off and taken to the changing rooms where he was still waiting for an ambulance over four and a half hours later. He gradually got worse, in terrible pain and we considered taking him by car, he couldn’t even put his foot to the floor so this could have made his injury worse. A small ambulance finally arrived only to be told he needed a bigger one. This lad could have permanent spinal damage as far as we know, and when he finally gets to the Gwent will he get seen? I wonder?

Power of flowers

2:02pm Thursday 21st August 2014

I WOULD like to thank the members of the public who have been in touch to praise the wild flower planting in Torfaen. This was a new initiative for us and I think that most people will agree the result is a beautiful corridor of colour through the county.

Banner for city

2:01pm Thursday 21st August 2014

THE Nato commemorative coin is an improvement on the official Nato Summit Wales logo. Note that the Nato symbol (superimposed on the coin’s map of Wales) is centred, approximately, over the Celtic Manor Resort, Langstone, Newport.

England focus

2:00pm Thursday 21st August 2014

THE news that five cities in the north of England have called for a £15 billon pound 15-year plan to be adopted to improve transport should not surprise anyone. The One North report has called for a 125mph trans-Pennine rail link, a faster link to Newcastle and better access to Manchester Airport. The alliance of five cities (Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield) call has George Osborne¹s backing – he has pledged support to the Crossrail of the North. The proposals are yet another all-England infrastructure project to add to the HS2 rail project, the London Crossrail project and the proposed Crossrail extension to Hertfordshire. Now don¹t get me wrong much of this infrastructure is necessary and very much overdue. However, I do wonder if Westminster is on some subliminal level contemplating the end of the Union and is concentrating resources in England, or is this merely a case of for the UK see England.

In wrong place

12:45pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

I agree with your previous correspondent in protesting about the change of venue for the post office. Not only is it further away from the railway station, bus station and market, it is also 900 yards from the top of Bridge Street. As your readers know, Bridge Street is the commercial centre of Newport. Many firms of solicitors, accountants and employment agencies occupy this area, indeed the whole range of service operations are to be found in the immediate area.

Post office

12:44pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

I DISAGREE with Dame Rosemary Butler when she says that the new post office will be easily accessible. Not if you are elderly and your bus stop is opposite Newport railway station.

Going mad

12:43pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

HEALTH and Safety gone mad?

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