I FIND the letter from Cllr Etheridge re: ‘Parking crimes’ incredulous.
Having raised this matter with ‘another councillor’ of late, making the point that Cardiff, Swansea and Aberystwyth had, since the demise of the much maligned traffic wardens, taken on that responsibility themselves at a self-funding if not at a profit making principle. It has been successful.

Before anyone says this is yet ‘another cash cow’ the only people who complain on this aspect like speed cameras are those who flout the law.
Parking is not just a matter of convenience it is an important part of road safety and does not just affect Blackwood. 

It has an adverse affect in other areas: Newport, Risca, and the other valleys within the CCBC areas. 

Bus stops (not adequately marked), zig zags, double yellow lines and disabled area are, by many including so called professional drivers totally ignored.

In these days of penny pinching austerity it is not possible for the under funded police to take responsibility for all; they have higher priorities with which to deal.  

Time for local councillors to control the unelected bureaucrats and listen to local, informed comment and representation and really take on board the ‘partnership principle’. 

No doubt there will be a response along the lines given to me “it would cost CCBC £1.2m to implement and once an offender is given a ticket that person won’t do it again”. 

Frankly dream on and visit Risca over serial days – you will learn otherwise. 
Nigel Pearce