WHAT was to be a pleasant afternoon walking my dog (puppy, eight months) on a lead at Tredegar Park turned out to be a horrible experience I will not forget.

Walking towards me with their owners, were two Staffordshire bull terriers. I distanced myself quite a way from them as neither was on a lead. Suddenly, for no reason, they came bounding over to me, started to attack my dog and myself.

I tried to shield both of us but the one bit my leg. I still have the teeth marks on my leg - thank goodness, I was wearing trousers. I went to the RGH for a tetanus jab.

I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I had to endure. Several dogs in the park were not on leads.

There are two notices saying it’s illegal not to have a dog on a lead, but unfortunately most dog owners ignore it.

I dread to think what may have happened if it had been a child that was bitten.

Can the council tell me where the dog wardens are, especially with children on school holidays, or does there have to be a tragedy to set the wheels in motion?

Jenny Davies, St David’s Crescent, Newport