CRIME FILE: ‘Sexting’ can lead to threat of child abuse

South Wales Argus: ABUSE: In the last five years 26 children under the age of 16 have been charged for sexual offences on other under 16s in Gwent. Picture is posed by a model

12:11pm Wednesday 22nd October 2014

IN the last five years 26 children under the age of 16 have been charged for sexual offences on other under 16s in Gwent.

CRIME FILE: Domestic abuse scheme working

South Wales Argus: SUPPORT: Gwent Police and the PCC launched a new victims’ charter

11:49am Wednesday 24th September 2014

ABOUT 400 people in Gwent have requested information under a potentially life-saving scheme to prevent domestic violence.

CRIME FILE: Domestic abuse may be classed as crime

4:51pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

A NEW law is being proposed that seeks to formalise recognition of the effects of domestic abuse including and beyond those of physical violence, and to specifically address the issue within relationships.

CRIME FILE: Dispersal order keeps peace on city streets

South Wales Argus: CSO Perrie Di Ronato and CSO Jack Purcell patrol Newport city centre (7631780)

3:56pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

NEW powers to prevent antisocial behaviour in Newport are proving effective, police say, but one councillor has questioned whether such temporary measures will have a lasting effect if they are lifted.

CRIME FILE: Wales could bring in domestic abuse bill

South Wales Argus: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. (7734026)

4:13pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

This week Welsh politicians are talking about domestic violence but some campaigners fear not enough emphasis is being placed on helping women affected by abuse, as EMMA MACKINTOSH reports.

CRIME FILE: New kinds of justice can cut child arrests

South Wales Argus: SWA CT 16.5.13

6:05pm Wednesday 4th June 2014

ARRESTS of children by Gwent Police have more than halved in five years, mirroring the trend across England and Wales. A general fall in crime, restorative justice projects, and a focus on trying to prevent young people from becoming involved in crime in the first place, are all factors.

CRIME FILE: Cutting speed to cut road deaths

South Wales Argus: The speed camera near Newport City Centre that catches more motorists than any other locally on the A4042 heading towards Newport. Cars passing the speed camera on the A4042. (3201720)

5:42pm Wednesday 7th May 2014

DRIVING is one of the most dangerous daily activities that most people do, with careless driving killing or seriously injuring an estimated 150 people every week in the UK.

Gwent Police appoint new Deputy Chief Constable

9:29am Wednesday 23rd April 2014

A NEW Deputy Chief Constable was appointed by Gwent Police yesterday.

Appeal after man assaulted outside Monmouth pub

4:33pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A MAN was left with a suspected broken leg and facial injuries after an alleged attack outside an Abergavenny pub.

Appeal after teen is assaulted in racist attack

2:43pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A TEENAGER has been punched in the face in Abergavenny, in a suspected racially-motivated attack.

CRIME FILE: New guidance to give thieves just deserts

South Wales Argus: (5238211)

6:15pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

FROM shoplifting to car thefts, the dishonest appropriation of property has many guises that can cause difficulty for magistrates and judges.

CRIME FILE: Centres provide vital help for rape victims

South Wales Argus: CRIME FILE: Centres provide vital help for rape victims

6:40pm Wednesday 12th February 2014

CAMPAIGNERS have long been advocating a change in the treatment of rape victims, sexual assault referral centres are the product of this view.

CRIME FILE: Victim Support celebrates its 40th anniversary

South Wales Argus: MONEY Finances 083581 (1139757)

6:11pm Wednesday 15th January 2014

MUCH of the attention paid to crime is based on what offenders get as punishment, if the prison sentence is too lenient or too harsh, whether or not prisoners should have the vote or whether they should have a TV or other mod cons in their cell.

CRIME FILE: It’s the season again for drink drive blitz

South Wales Argus: DANGER: Don’t drink and drive

1:31pm Wednesday 11th December 2013

A WEEK into the annual Christmas police crackdown on drink drivers RUTH MANSFIELD looks into the work being done to educate offenders.

CRIME FILE: Tackling the rise of cyber bullying

South Wales Argus: Gimps of Cwmbran Facebook page (902685)

6:02pm Wednesday 13th November 2013

IT’S a major form of communication in today’s technological world but with the rise of social media sites also comes the rise of cyber bullying. RUTH MANSFIELD looks at how Gwent has been affected.

THE CRIME FILE: Gwent PCC scheme turning bad money into good

South Wales Argus: (1625307)

4:39pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

WHEN criminals are found guilty, much is made of the money that it costs to have them put in jail or punished.

Crime File: The Victim's Charter

South Wales Argus: SUPPORT: Gwent Police and the PCC launched a new victims’ charter

3:19pm Wednesday 18th September 2013

As a new Victim’s Charter is launched by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Ian Johnston, LAURA LEA speaks to Mandy Wilmot, who works at the heart of victim services, to find out what this means for Gwent’s victims.

THE CRIME FILE: Legal aid changes ‘insane’

South Wales Argus: ‘UNWORKABLE’: Newport solicitor Rod Young says the Government’s plans to change the legal aid process are ‘insane’

5:20pm Wednesday 29th May 2013

The government is consulting on plans to reform the criminal legal aid system in England and Wales in a bid to save £220 million. NATALIE CROCKETT spoke to solicitors in Gwent about how it will affect them.

CRIME FILE: More can be done to cut crime - top Newport cop

South Wales Argus: DELIGHTED TO BE BACK: Superintendent Mark Warrender

3:40pm Wednesday 1st May 2013

As crime continues to fall in Newport, the city’s new Superintendent Mark Warrender insists more can still be done to make it a safer place.

THE CRIME FILE: Green PC looks after Gwent's landscape

South Wales Argus: TACKLES HUGE VARIETY OF PROBLEMS: Landscape crime officer PC Rob Maddocks

12:40pm Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Meet the defender of our rich green heritage

THE CRIME FILE: Tackling domestic abuse

South Wales Argus: GATHERING INFORMATION: Diana Binding, left, and Sian Thomas, team managers with Wales Probation service carry out interviews

4:50pm Wednesday 6th March 2013

IN AN age when organisations are under increasing pressure to share information about potentially dangerous offenders, Wales Probation service is already ahead of the curve.

THE CRIME FILE: Fast-track plan for top police slammed

South Wales Argus: WARNING: Jeff Mapps, chairman of the Gwent Police Federation

3:40pm Wednesday 6th February 2013

MINISTER for Policing and Criminal Justice Damian Green has said it will bring in people from diverse backgrounds with new perspectives.

THE CRIME FILE: British Transport Police

South Wales Argus: KEEPING PASSENGERS SAFE: British Transport Police can often be seen patrolling trains and stations

4:40pm Wednesday 9th January 2013

THEY’VE been described as the forgotten force, but British Transport Police are very much on the front line of protecting people in Gwent.

THE CRIME FILE: Police’s steel resolve to crush metal theft

South Wales Argus: CHECKS: Police on the trail of metal thieves

4:10pm Wednesday 10th October 2012

METAL theft is one of the UK’s fastest-growing crimes. Thieves even endanger their own lives and those of others to get a haul of it .

THE CRIME FILE: Abergavenny burglary crackdown

South Wales Argus: INCREASE: Burglary is a violation. Picture posed by model

3:30pm Wednesday 12th September 2012

POLICE in Abergavenny are in the middle of a campaign to help drive down burglary in the town. Two sergeants from the team spoke about their efforts.

THE CRIME FILE: Austerity may affect the victims of crime

South Wales Argus: PRICE OF AN ATTACK: The Ministry of Justice is considering cutting criminal injuries compensation

3:10pm Wednesday 15th August 2012

Victims of crime who suffer blurred vision, a dislocated jaw, or who require knee surgery, are some of those who could lose the right to claim compensation under new plans.

THE CRIME FILE: Making Newport safer may make it prosper more

South Wales Argus: COLLABORATION: PC Jo Melen, left, and PCSO Perrie Eedy on patrol in Newport city centre

2:30pm Wednesday 18th July 2012

THEY are a focal point, attracting workers and shoppers during the day and drinkers, revellers and restaurant-goers at night.

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